’90 Day Fiance’: Biniyam’s Dirty Dancing Gig Raises Red Flags

On 90 Day Fiance, Biniyam Shibre wows the crowd with his slick moves and gorgeous dance partner. Who also happens to be his ex. Jenny shouldn’t hold her breath for Sunday dinners with Sumit’s family. Deavan wants Jihoon to show her the money. And Tim gets fat-shamed in Colombia right off the bat. Grab some tequila and let’s dish about Season 2, Episode 10 Forgiven Not Forgotten.

Biniyam Shibre’s Family Welcomes Ariela and Her Mom on 90 Day Fiance

Ariela Danielle, Janice, and Biniyam Shibre head to meet Biniyam’s close family for dinner in Ethiopia. Mother Janice greets everybody, even the kids. Biniyam has two lovely sisters and a brother. There is small talk about what type of roles a father fills in their culture. Then, Binyam Shibre’s sisters say the man is mostly the breadwinner. Next, Janice asks questions in the soothing tones of a long-time nurse who tells you there may be slight pressure as a colonoscopy camera is about to be inserted.

But, the dinner goes well. Raw meat is served up on a platter and the nurse questions whether anyone ever gets sick from it. One of the sisters Biniyam is honest and says sometimes. The tradition is eating the meat folded up in bread. Biniyam Shibre’s energetic sister feeds it to Janice. Ariela’s mom wins the award for most gracious American eating questionable meats in a foreign country on 90 Day Fiance. Yet Kenny couldn’t even choke down a Mexican candy. Biniyam Shibre enjoys his time with the family.

Biniyam Stars In His Version of Dirty Dancing: Ethiopian Nights

Biniyam Sihibre makes money by starring nightly at a club in a dance number with a partner. Janice is wowed by the lights in the club. She’s wearing her best Sag Harbor separates for the show. It consists of Biniyam dancing with a gorgeous woman who just happens to be his ex. Then, there’s a cringe-worthy opening move where he kind of pokes at her with a rainbow umbrella. Later, it turns into some serious but sexy dancing on 90 Day Fiance.

Next, Mom Janice can’t help but point out to her very preggo daughter how stunning and flexible Baby Biniyam’s partner is. Then, the dance ends not with a dramatic lift. But with Biniyam seemingly playing bongos on her butt with a dramatic final strike. Janice is impressed and tells him she “didn’t know he had talent.” This is followed by a round of questions of his ability to be faithful in this environment. And some sort of fib over lipstick on Biniyam Shibre’s shirt. Probably time for mom to go home on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Jihoon Needs to Show Deavan The Money on 90 Day Fiance

We pick up with Jihoon Lee storming out on Deavan Clegg, baby Taeyang, and his parents. He tells him to go back to America and wanders outside smoking. He is quickly melting down. She says he scammed her and she just wants to go home. Mother Jihoon is unsympathetic and plays with the translator with her trademark smirk. Father Jihoon is upset and feels for Deavan. Production takes him outside for a breather and to set up the next scene with Jihoon.

On 90 Day Fiance, another crew interview Jihoon’s parents. His mom says he is full of it. And says Jihoon can barely wipe his own butt much less scam an American. She’s not having any of her hubby’s defense of Deavan. She actually asks him to leave so she can finish her angry rant about the American woman who has tainted her boy. Outside, he admits that once Deavan went back to America he didn’t take things seriously.

He demands to see the 3k he claims his mother is holding onto. So, he returns to the restaurant and he and his mom go underground to an ATM where she withdrawals the money and wonders why they have to “pay for her.” This satisfies him who goes back to the hotel to sleep. In the morning he arrives to talk it out. Drascilla is hoping for the octopus he promised to add to her collection of dead sea life. Of course, he doesn’t have it. But they do patch things up for now anyway on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

Sumit’s Crew Still Not On Board With Jenny

On 90 Day Fiance, Jenny Slatten and Sumit walk through India on the way to meet his brother for dinner. A dog strikes a perfect yoga pose in the street. She is excited to see Amit. The last time she saw him was the fateful day Sumit was kidnapped by his family to return to his wife. The brothers should consider a career as a singing duet. Tonight at the Mumbai lounge half-price frozen drinks and the smooth sounds of sibling sensations Sumit and Amit.

Jenny is upbeat and impressed with the beauty of the restaurant on 90 Day Fiance. Amit looks like he has eaten something that didn’t agree with him and may have to bolt any minute for the restroom. He agrees the place is ok but the glasses are heavy. Sumit wants him to go talk to the rents and get this all squared away. He says they still don’t approve due to you know the “age difference.” She is acting like the eccentric Aunt that you visit every other Easter. She shoves food in her mouth and says “how can we fix it?”

Jenny probably shouldn’t have asked a question that she really doesn’t want the answer to on 90 Day Fiance Brother Amit says they should probably just come home. She questions why Sumit’s parents don’t want him to be happy. And they both try to explain to her that it’s the pressure of culture and society. And their social circle. Jenny helps herself to another helping of naan and says she’s not going anywhere on The Other Way.

Tim Gets Fat-Shamed on 90 Day Fiance

So, no amount of fun music and street jugglers can take away Melyza Zeta’s pain on The Other Way. Yet, she clearly makes some delicious breakfast. Then, Tim “cheeses stick” Clarkson licks his lips and grunts as she cooks. Later, they sit down and he eagerly chomps into some Chorizo sausage. But, Melyza keeps the cool calculated stare of someone who knows she’s got the upper hand in every way in this relationship. And, she can’t wait for him to suffer at the hands of her mother.

So, the couple head to dinner at her family’s place on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. One thing I will give to Mr. Mozz is he has a pretty good command of Spanish. Then, Mother Martha indulges him with a hug and says she’s not completely made of stone. Later, everyone is seated and she immediately says how fat he is. Proving she’s made of pure fire. Tim tries to explain that he eats too many Hot Pockets and doesn’t exercise. She says he has to make time for everything on 90 Day Fiance.

Basically that translates on 90 Day Fiance to “you had time to cheat on my daughter so you have time for meal prep and the gym.” However, Melyza’s pop loves Tim and doesn’t know about the cheating yet. So he’s a little unsure of the vibe and suggests tequila. Then, while he’s gone, Melyza makes him apologize to her mom in Spanish. Next, Cheesy Tim sputters and cries but mother Melyza finds it hollow. Next week he’s got to come clean to dad. Don’t forget to watch TOW Mondays at 9 on TLC.

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