’90 Day Fiance’: Big Ed Dating his Sister?

90 Day Fiance star Ed Brown is shocking fans with news of his new girlfriend. And what his brother has to say ends up sending grossed-out shivers up fans spines.

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown – Who is his New Girl?

Ed Brown from 90 Day Fiance has a quick gross-out moment with his brother. He is telling him all about his new girlfriend, Liz. Ed and Liz have been on a few dates so far and are trying to see where this leads. Liz is twenty-eight and has a child. Ed is okay with this and likes her kid very much. But things between him and Liz took a hit when he tried to kiss her, and she told him no.

His brother asks what kind of woman does that. And Ed agrees. But this isn’t even the gross part. In true 90 Day Fiance form Ed’s brother asks Ed if he feels weird about dating a woman with his sister’s same name. And with a double-take and a rewind, it’s confirmed he’s not dating his sister. And fans now know that Ed is okay with dating someone with the same name as a sibling.

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown

TLC Star Doesn’t Hit it Off With The Ladies

90 Day Fiance personality Ed Brown is not really known for being a ladies’ man. Although he would consider himself that. One of his exes Rose Vega who is the reason he is on 90 Day Fiance, would say he is not. The way he treated her had fans not liking Ed at first. And Rose spilled the tea when it came to what it was actually like to be with him.

She talks about how he smelled and was rude about the way she looked. He grossed people out by asking Rose to shave her legs and brush her teeth.  And now fans fear the new girl in his life is also not being treated well. Especially when he tries to force a kiss after she says she wants to go slow.

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown

90 Day Fiance: Ed Brown And His Brother Talk