’90 Day Fiance’: Baby Girl Lisa Makes Appearance on ‘The Ellen Show’ – See Video

90 Day Fiance star Lisa Hamme just got a major shoutout from Ellen DeGeneres in a recent episode of the celebrity’s show. She’s quickly making a name for herself on the TLC show with her problematic relationship with Usman Umar. So much so, that uber-famous celebrity Ellen knows who she is. The television host slipped in a Baby Girl Lisa mention during one of her hilarious segments and Lisa saw it.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days – Lisa Hamme Stands Out

Although she’s no Big Ed, Lisa Hamme’s problematic storyline on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days has made her a well-known cast member. For one, she’s dating Nigerian rapper Usman Umar aka “SojaBoy” who’s more than 20 years younger than her. Plus, her aggressive personality causes plenty of drama throughout her journey to find love. She’s not afraid to say what she feels and that leads to some fights.

But Lisa’s attempts to get Usman’s mother to give them her marital blessing are her most talked about moments. Lisa Hamme and Usman bought a goat to gift to his mother that would be slaughtered. Yet, the woman rejected them. Eventually, the 90 Day Fiance couple did get her permission, but it took some major brown-nosing.

Ellen DeGeneres Gives Baby Girl a Mention

Baby Girl Lisa Hamme might have become a household name because a very famous Hollywood A-lister knows her name. In a recent episode of The Ellen Show, Ellen DeGeneres herself gave a shout-out to the 51-year-old 90 Day Fiance celeb. It happened in one of Ellen’s segments called “Homeschool Corner”.

Ellen was teaching her audience about the universal language of love. She said you can either wait a long time for “real love” or go on “90 Day Fiance and get it over real quick”. It looks like she’s a Lisa Hamme fan because she added at the end, “hashtag Baby Girl Lisa”. And Lisa saw it and sent some love Ellen’s way.

90 Day Fiance: What’s Next For Lisa & Usman?

Now, Lisa and Usman have hit another huge roadblock while trying to get married. Lisa Hamme can’t prove she’s divorced because she doesn’t have her papers and the official won’t marry them. So, they are stuck unless they can somehow get ahold of proof. But we know that the two have gotten married so they must have figured something out. Yet, will they last or are they doomed to split?

Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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