’90 Day Fiance’: Avery Mills Bashes America – Prefers Living in Middle East

90 Day Fiance star Avery Mills bashed America while opening up about her thoughts on living in the middle east.

Avery and her husband, Omar Albakkour, are now in the same country together. And it seems like Avery Mills doesn’t regret making the move out of the states.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills & Omar Albakkour in Dubai

Avery Mills and her other half, Omar Albakkour, weren’t able to be reunited in America. So, the 90 Day Fiance celebs decided to move to another country so they could be together. However, Avery and Omar first kept where they were living a secret. But, they recently spilled the beans on their whereabouts. Avery and Omar revealed that they live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The 90 Day Fiance duo have been married for almost two years. Being in two different countries wasn’t easy for Avery Mills and Omar Albakkour. But, now they have been making big plans for their future together. Their goal is to open their own dental office. Omar will be the dentist, while Avery will handle the administration work.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills - Omar Albakkour - Before The 90 Days

Avery Talks Life in the Middle East

Avery Mills left her life in America for a new start in Dubai with her hubby, Omar Albakkour. The 90 Day Fiance reality star didn’t deal with any culture shock being in a new city. She said that Dubai has it all. According to Avery, you can see people wearing bikinis on the beach. While it’s true that bathing suits can be worn on the beaches, Avery didn’t mention the tourist arrested for kissing on the beach as it’s considered “an offense to public decency”. And, you can only hold hands if married.

The 90 Day Fiance alum doesn’t seem to mind being in the middle east. Avery Mills even said that she prefers living there over the United States. She said that it’s “great” being in Dubai and that she feels safe there. Avery also said that the UAE is “extremely” safer than America.

Is Dubai Really Crime Free?

90 Day Fiance celeb Avery Mills is correct for the most part. Dubai is a very modern city and has very strict penalties for crimes. However, crimes against women by men are rarely prosecuted, so they are not included in crime stats.  There are cases where a woman has been sexually attacked and when she reported the crime, she was charged with infidelity because she was married.

Dubai has very problematic and impossible burdens of proof required when a woman is raped.  You need a confession and four adult males to have witnessed the crime. These types of crimes are very real, yet because of the way they are counted are virtually non existent on paper.

Avery Mills may be far from America, but she says she has everything she needs right where she is. She said that she does miss skiing in Ohio. However, if she wants to hit the slopes, she can by going to the mall. She said that the mall has a ski resort.

90 Day Fiance: Avery Mills - Omar Albakkour

90 Day Fiance Couple Shares Relationship Advice

Omar Albakkour and Avery Mills will be celebrating their second wedding anniversary this month. The TLC couple gave fans advice on how to have a successful relationship. According to Omar, the most important thing is respect. He said that it is essential for a couple to have a peaceful relationship without any problems. However, Omar does believe that love is also important, but respect should come first.

Avery Mills from 90 Day Fiance of course agrees with her husband, Omar Albakkour. She said that respect is vital in a healthy relationship, and it must go both ways. She said that loving someone doesn’t always mean you treat them well.

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