’90 Day Fiance’: Asuelu Pulaa Gets Tattoo and Cries like a Baby [VIDEO]

90 Day Fiance‘s Asuelu Pulaa has many traditional Samoan tattoos. It’s a painstaking process that requires time, dedication, and a high pain threshold.

A recent clip online shows a Samoan tattoo artist giving Asuelu a painful tattoo. It’s a harrowing video showing just what it takes to come away with the traditional design. In the video Asuelu cries and screams in pain. To be fair, most people would as it’s extremely painful.

90 Day Fiance: Painful Tattoo Process for Asuelu Pulaa

The video clip shows 90 Day Fiance Asuelu Pulaa lying facedown while the tattoo artist uses traditional tools on the father of two. In addition, this isn’t the standard tattoo needle you’d see in any modern ink shop. The name for this is Pe’a. Often it’s a body suit of ink with each symbol having some significance for the receiver.

In Asuelu Pulaa’s case at least three people worked on him at once. Traditionally, the tattoo extends from the waist to the knees of the recipient. The process is extremely painful and can take weeks to complete. Using handmade tools of bone, turtle shell, and wood, the master tattooist meticulously hammers the ink into the recipient’s body to achieve the desired design.

90 Day Fiance: What’s the Significance of Asuelu’s Ink?

For many 90 Day Fiance viewers that didn’t know much about the traditional Samoan tattoo, Asuelu’s body of work was a surprise when he first made his debut on the TLC show. Some time ago, Asuelu shared a post on Instagram detailing his specific design. He also explained the significance of the artwork. Even more alarming for some, Asuelu Pulaa revealed that he even got his junk tattooed.

In Asuelu Pulaa’s case, you can see the symmetry of the work and the level of detail that went into it. At one point in the clip, the person behind the camera advises Asuelu. She says: “You can scream. It’s okay”. In addition, many 90 Day Fiance commenters called Kalani Faagata’s husband a beast for enduring the process. Meanwhile, others said they respected him for going through it.

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What’s Next for Asuelu?

Asuelu Pulaa became a father for the second time when Kalani Faagata delivered the couple’s second child. Baby Kennedy arrived on May 7 at 9:11 am. This is the second son for the happy couple. Weeks ago, Kalani Faagata revealed in a YouTube video that they were choosing between the names Asher and Kennedy. Moreover, Kennedy is the English word for her father’s name. They chose to go with Kennedy in the end and name the newborn after her father.

The next couple of months are bound to be busy for the couple. When baby Oliver was born, Asuelu Pulaa was still stuck back home in Samoa. Now, he will be around to care for his newborn son and the rest of his family. Certainly, 90 Day Fiance followers should be on the lookout for future updates from this TLC family.

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