’90 Day Fiance’: Asuelu Pulaa Explains His Body Art – Is His Junk Tattooed?

90 Day Fiance’s Asuelu Pulaa (Kalani Faagata’s husband) clarifies the meaning behind his lower body tattoo. The body art goes all the way from his waist to just below his kneecap. But it is not just another tattoo and each piece of it has a separate meaning that Asuelu explains in an Instagram picture. And yes, he did tattoo his junk, too!

90 Day Fiance: The Meaning Behind Asuelu’s Tattoo

Asuelu Pulaa from 90 Day Fiance says Samoan tattoos are embedded deeply in the country’s traditions. They also have special meanings. Not only that, but the tattoos are a source of great pride in their culture and heritage. It is actually some of the most intricate body art that one can have but is not easy to get authentic ones. Being a part of the culture and accepted by the community is how someone normally gets one and it is a great honor.

Asuelu Pulaa has tribal tattooing from his waist to his knees and each body part has a significant meaning. The different sections have different names given in the Samoan language. He actually posted the meanings behind each section so 90 Day Fiance fans can understand its significance.

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Single part of the tattoo and the meaning 🙌🏽✊🏼✌️🙏

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Asuelu Did Tattoo His Junk

While it sounds incredibly painful, 90 Day Fiance star Asuelu Pulaa did tattoo his penis. The tattoo covering his manhood is called ‘punialo.’ ‘Puni’ means closure and the meaning for male offspring or son is ‘alo.’. So, everything from his waist to his knees is tattooed and no body part is spared in between. But this also shows his dedication to his culture and beliefs.

Tattoos are actually given with a comb instead of a gun in Samoan culture. The tattooer hits a wooden hammer against the comb. While there is no buzzing, there is a constant clacking. 

90 Day Fiance: Is Asuelu Going To Tattoo New Baby’s Name On His Back?

Asuelu Pulaa has both Kalani Faagata’s and their son Oliver’s names tattooed across his back. So, when they announced that they are expecting another baby, it left us wondering if and when the Samoan daddy will get this next name to commemorate the birth of their second child. Since he already has his wife and first child’s names it would make sense for him to continue with the tradition.

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