90 Day Fiance: Ashley Issues Refund To GoFundMe Donors – Insists She Wasn’t Frauding

90 Day Fiance alum Ashley Martson is trying to put end to all the scamming speculations. Jay Smith’s wife has had enough of the accusations and is resorting to desperate measures to save her battered reputation.

In a recent Instagram post, the TLC reality star revealed she’s returning all the proceeds of her now infamous GoFundMe fundraiser. Is this her last-minute attempt to do damage control?

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Martson Initiated Refund To Donors

Amid all the fraud accusations, Ashley Martson made the bold move of voluntarily returning her GoFundMe proceeds to all the donors. Earlier this week, the 90 Day Fiance star announced that she issued a refund to those who donated to her campaign.

90 Day Fiance - Ashley Martson

Apparently, Jay Smith’s other half initiated the return last week amid growing speculations of fraud. Ashley Martson informed donors that the amount they donated is currently on its way and will reach them any day now.

She even advised donors to directly contact GoFundMe in case their refund has not yet arrived.

Ashley Says GoFundMe Money Was Never Withdrawn

Ashley Martson goes on to claim that the controversial GoFundMe money was never withdrawn. The 90 Day Fiance bride says she never touched the funds up until she decided to withdraw it.


However, not everyone is buying it. Apparently, some were not convinced that Ashley Martson never spent the GFM funds on something else. They pointed out that the timing of her fundraiser and a sudden change in lifestyle seems suspicious. However, her increased spending might also have been at a time when she started receiving her payments for starring on 90 Day Fiance.

90 Day Fiance: Ashley Claims $3k Is Not Worth The Controversy

Ever since the 90 Day Fiance celebrity launched her fundraiser, her name has been dragged to the mud. While it’s true that GoFundMe is supposed to help Ashley Martson with her medical expenses, it ends up to be more of a burden.


In the same post, Ashley claims she’s not going to deal with the campaign’s downside any longer. She says the amount she got from it is not worth all the hate she’s been getting.

“$3k is not worth the further speculation that I scammed you on this too,” Ashley Martson wrote. “I appreciate the support but I want to eliminate all other reasons for you haters to keep going off.”

Ashley Martson Insists She’s Wasn’t Frauding

With all the speculations going around, Ashley Martson maintains she’s not frauding. The 90 Day Fiance celeb asserts that the GoFundMe proceeds were never misused, despite endless accusations that she spent the money on something else.

She also noted that GoFundMe reviewed her campaign to eliminate fraud. She claimed that the crowdfunding platform determined that the fundraiser was legit, thus letting her withdraw the funds anytime.


There’s no solid proof that the campaign was actually reviewed for fraud. Some pointed out Ashley could havepresented some sort of an official confirmation from GoFundMe to justify her claims.

Many fans think she returned to funds to avoid legal troubles. One 90 Day Fiance fan posted on social media they wanted to start a class action suit on behalf of all the donors.

Ashley Martson previously shut down her fundraiser, claiming that the amount of the donation is more than enough to cover “medical costs and loss of income”. The reality star pulled in over $3,800 before pulling the plug on the campaign.

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