’90 Day Fiance’: Ashley Calls Cheating Jay an Idiot on TLC Tell All

90 Day Fiance Ashley Martson has a jaw-dropping moment when her husband, Jay Smith, describes a hookup accident on tonight’s Tell All on TLC. Seems like Ashley and the rest of the cast pull apart Jay Smith’s cheating explanation. When it comes to Jay, it looks like the rest of the 90 Day Fiance cast sides with Ashley. You have to say Jay gives it his all attempting to downplay his online roaming, but the cast not only shook their heads, one even reprimanded him.

90 Day Fiance – Ashley Martson and Jay Smith

He was married just a few days when he went online to message girls. From the looks of things, he had only one thing in mind – hooking up with someone. Ashley Martson caught him in a FaceTime session then found the app on his phone. From what Ashley said on 90 Day Fiance, he invited one woman to Ashley’s home when she wasn’t around.

Jay’s behavior perplexed a few of his castmates on the Tell All stage. One fellow cast member even spoke up to question him. Fernanda Flores, Jonathan Rivera’s wife, asked Jay straight-out. She wanted to know “what the hell he was thinking.”

Jay shared with the other 90 Day Fiance cast members that he wished he “could go back and fix it”. He claims he would “do anything” to make it right. Ashley was looking unimpressed by his sudden remorse. Furthermore, she wasn’t buying what he was dishing out and neither were the other folks from the show.

Just a Simple Mistake?

It seems 90 Day Fiance Jay didn’t see creating an online profile to contact other women as any big deal. He talked about it like it was a simple mistake. Forgetting your wife’s favorite ice cream flavor is a simple mistake, not joining a hookup app.

It looks like the 90 Day Fiance cast didn’t buy his excuse – nor did Ashley – on Sunday night’s episode. Still, he continued on by saying “it was a misunderstanding”.

Then Eric Rosenbrook weighed in. He had one word to say in Ashley’s defense. That was “ouch.” Eric said this right after the host Shaun Robinson if Jay can stay in a monogamous relationship. Eric referred to the answer Jay gave. It appears Jay never saw himself as the marrying type. “Ouch” was right as the cameras panned to the other cast members’ faces.

Accidental Cheating on 90 Day Fiance?

Jay Smith is the first to say that his relationship with his wife was great. So he had no reason to stray. He also makes it sound like there are no problems. So what made him seek out other women? Apparently, Jay looks at this as an accident or at least he conveys this on 90 Day Fiance Tell All.

Ashley Martson pipes up on tonight’s episode to tell him: “Just don’t even try to defend yourself because you sound like an.” Jay continues putting his foot deeper in his mouth by saying he just wanted to meet friends. He had no idea women would message him.

It sounds like he believes he was minding his own business when messages started popping up. Jay says he answered back because he’s a friendly guy. This line of defense wasn’t cutting it with his wife. Ashley tells Jay he knew what he was doing. Then he tried to blame Ashley for some of their problems on 90 Day Fiance.

Jay’s Bad Boy Behavior All Ashley’s Fault?

When his excuses for not understanding the women messaging him online fail, Jay Smith tries another tactic. He tries to blame his 90 Day Fiance Ashley for spending too much time on her phone. At one point after hearing the non-stop excuses of an accident, a mistake, and just plain old being misinformed about joining online sites, Ashley tells him: “You’re full of s–t”.

His bride claims he knew what he was doing all along. It looks like he’s sorry for getting caught, conveys Ashley Martson. Tune into TLC Sunday night to watch Jay Smith squirm as he spews excuses for his wife, fellow cast members, and viewers.

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