’90 Day Fiance’: Armando Tolerates Kenneth Anti-Candy Tantrum in Mexico

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Kenneth Niedermeier seems like the typical critical American in Mexico, but Armando Rubio’s welcoming and warm. Yazan calms down Brittany with a trail of rose petals. And Jenny’s shunned local by wives. Later, Jihoon breaks down after Deavan ditches. Grab your favorite street candy, and let’s peel back all the layers of season 2 episode 8 Rude Awakening. Be sure to watch Mondays at 9 on TLC.

Mexican Sweets Leave a Sour Taste In Kenneth Niedermeier’s Mouth on 90 Day Fiance

Armando Rubio offers a royal welcome to American love Kenneth Niedermeier. He’s done a fantastic job with a gorgeous apartment and a homemade dinner with wine, shrimp, steak, and even salad. Travel lagged pup Truffles tucks in and seems right at home south of the border. Armando even had a custom banner made. Kenneth’s thrilled to be together with Armando finally. But Kenneth’s got a few concerns about the place not having hot water or central air on The Other Way.

Ariela Danielle: hold my beer.

After dinner, Kenneth Niedermeier tosses 90 Day Fiance producers out of the couple’s bedroom. In the morning, it’s clear they “enjoyed” their first night with Kenneth Niedermeier saying Armando Rubio snored and spoke Spanish. Of course, Kenneth doesn’t know what Armando was saying. It seems he skimped on his Rosetta Stone studies. Armando Rubio takes Kenneth Niedermeier out to explore their new home town. Kenneth’s worried the city’s a little run down.

Armando Rubio tries to lighten the mood on 90 Day Fiance, suggesting they enjoy some street candy. But Kenneth Niedermeier’s an admitted germophobe and worries it’s dusty. Armando Rubio gets his favorite spicy candy snack. Kenneth tries it but says it looks like a “blood clot” and spits it out. Kenneth Niedermeier also is unsure about buying food at the corner store. Hint: it’s Mexican. Armando Rubio says he’ll just have to figure it out.

Yazan Does Damage Control After Britt’s Blow Up With His Parents

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Yazan Abo Horira and Brittany Banks admit they faced problem after problem since Britt touched down in Jordan. The last was a huge blow-up between her and Yazan’s parents who want them married sooner than later. Brittany’s hysterical in the car. She claims she doesn’t understand the big deal or why they would get so angry over the delay. Of course, if they knew she was lying and still married, it might be even crazier.

Yazan points out it’s sometimes the way she talks – such as not wanting him to call her baby. Her 90 Day Fiance guy hugs her and tells her they need to be strong. She melts down again, saying she’s done with his parents. Deep down, she knows that the whole thing is even more complicated than Yazan knows. Remember, she’s keeping a colossal secret — she is still married to her ex. Yazan takes her to the apartment he got for them.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Yazan did well. The apartment is spacious and modern. He even lined the floor with rose petals in a trail to the bedroom ending in a heart shape on the bed. Are you paying attention, Jihoon? That brings a smile through Brittany’s tears. She fears that although Yazan does love her, his culture won’t allow their happiness. He agrees to talk to his uncle, who is the voice of reason and has dealt with people from other cultures. Good luck with that.

Melyza’s Mom Has Words For Cheese Stick Tim on The Other Way

Tim Clarkson is all set to move to Medellin, Colombia, to prove his love for Melyza Zeta. He heads to the airport with high hopes that he can do some damage control. Over in Colombia on 90 Day Fiance, Melyza tells us a little more about herself and how she met Tim. She wasn’t looking for a relationship during her time in the states as an au pair. But one night at a bar with a friend, she met the cheesy Texan and found him sharp, kind and goofy with a nutty aftertaste best paired with a crisp white wine.

Melyza returned home and then returned for six months to test the waters with Tim on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. But something seemed off right away. And she discovered Tim had been unfaithful. The pain consumed her. But she’d already invested years and does still love him. So she feels he deserves to be given a second chance. But on her turf and her terms this time in Colombia.

It seems Melyza’s dad is excited that Tim is coming. But he doesn’t know about his cheating. One person who does is Mother Melyza on 90 Day Fiance. And she isn’t happy about it. She says he’s not the person she thought he was and isn’t gouda enough (sorry couldn’t resist) for her daughter by any means. She does Melyza’s hair and asks how she feels. And the answer is anxious, nervous, and excited. Can cheese prove himself to Melyza and her mom? That remains to be seen.

Jihoon Owns His Failure on TOW

Jihoon Lee returns home to his parents with his toy poodle and not much more on 90 Day Fiance. He admits to his mom that Deavan Clegg and monster-in-law Elicia Clegg have checked into a hotel and may leave South Korea with the kids for good. Mother Jihoon is strangely surprised by this turn of events. So, Jihoon spells it out for her. He lied, was lazy, didn’t work, or save and acted like a loser. Mother Jihoon waves this off as the behavior of all young Korean men.

But Jihoon had a real breakthrough on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way. And his mom’s justification of his mistakes provides insight as to why he’s still a man-child at 30. He admits he hasn’t been living his life the right way and says he could’ve done better. He openly sobs, and she tells him to stop crying — saying a man shouldn’t cry. She insist he’s young enough to turn this around. At least she’s right about that.

Jenn Shunned By The Real Housewives of Mumbai on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way

Jenny Slatten seems pretty happy as she puts on makeup in her new house in India, even though there’s no hot water right now. She’s excited as they meet Sumit’s divorce attorney so she can finally see the paperwork and screenshot it for her daughter and DIL, who still aren’t sold on all this. The two head out, and Jenny is ready to ask the hard questions even if Sumit’s not.

On 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Jenny’s a little defeated when the lawyer says Indian divorces can take 2-5 years if both parties aren’t on board. Jenny wants to know if Sumit’s divorce is actually underway. He says it is, but they can’t make their romance public yet. Jenny demands a copy of the papers. The lawyer says Family Sumit could object to the marriage – if they have a sound reason. Jenny proudly says she popped his cherry – and that’s not against the law. Really? Okay, TMI.

Later, Sumit proudly announces that he and Jenny will meet his friends and their wives. As they stroll into the park, one friend remarks that Jenny and Sumit look like grandmom and grandson. Ouch. Jenny’s excited to meet the gals so they can do brunch and shop. But the ladies passed on the picnic with one admitting his wife isn’t down with these two and the other one fibs about being sick. Poor Jenny. Watch TOW Monday nights on TLC.

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