’90 Day Fiance’: Anna and Mursel’s Big New Venture – Mursel and Teenage Gino Finally Bury Hatchet

90 Day Fiance couple Anna Campisi and husband Mursel Mistanoglu are taking a major step in their relationship. The two are going into business together and are going to have their very own store. Obviously, they’ll be selling the honey from their bee colonies. Some fans have already tried some of Anna’s honey and gave it a thumbs up.

In other news, it seems Anna’s eldest son Gino has finally accepted Mursel into the family. Previously, he’d been very outspoken against the Turkish man. Yet, now it seems like all the drama is in the past.

90 Day Fiance: Anna Campisi & Mursel Mistanoglu Opening a New Store

It’s finally happening, Mursel Mistanoglu and wife Anna Campisi are starting a store of their very own. It looks like they’ll be selling honey. 90 Day Fiance lovers know that the two are avid beekeepers, so it’s not a surprise that they’re going into business. Anna’s already got a company of her own called Beauty and the Bees Honey. So, that’s likely what she and Mursel will call their store.

Also, Anna already sends out a ton of orders a week to people wanting a taste of her honey. Not only that but the 90 Day Fiance celeb also sells her products at local farmer’s markets. So, she already has an established brand. Now she and hubby Mursel will have a physical location to sell their honey. “We are opening a store,” she announced to her followers.

90 Day Fiance: Anna Campisi

Mursel Puts Workworking Skills to Use

With their main product being honey, Mursel Mistanoglu and Anna Campisi need something to showcase the product. Well, Mursel doubles as a carpenter and recently built his 90 Day Fiance bride a beautiful farmhouse table. Now he’s putting those skills to good use and has built some very nice shelves for their future store.

Anna, ever the proud wife, showed off Mursel’s handy work. “Mursel is starting to work on building our shelving units for our store,” says Anna in a video for her 90 Day Fiance followers. She said that she is very “impressed” with her husband’s work. Meanwhile, Mursel was taking a break and drinking an ice-cold glass of water. But he bragged that he’s basically a “professional carpenter”.

90 Day Fiance: Anna Campisi- Mursel Mistanoglu

90 Day Fiance: Has Anna’s Son Gino Finally Made Peace With Mursel

On the show, Anna Campisi’s oldest son Gina wasn’t too keen on the idea of his mother marrying Mursel. Recently, he celebrated his fifteenth birthday. Plus, now he’s finally embracing the Turkish native as a member of the family. Anna says that “Mursel is even training Gino”. So, it seems like the boys are finally getting along and all is well.

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