’90 Day Fiance’: Anna Campisi’s New Hair Style Knocks Off 10 Years – See the Pic

90 Day Fiance‘s Anna Campisi cried her eyes out over Mursel Mistanoglu on the TLC show, but now she’s looking great with a new hairdo. In fact, this fresh wispy do makes her look a decade younger. Check out what’s up with the reality celeb and see her great new hairstyle.

90 Day Fiance: Anna Campisi Rushes Down the Aisle With Mursel Mistanoglu

On the reality show, right now we see Anna Campisi at her worst. She’s been crying because Mursel wouldn’t man-up and tell his parents he knew about her kids all along. Then there was the drama of him going back to Turkey, begging his parents, and getting “permission” to marry.

With no new 90 Day Fiance last weekend due to the Super Bowl, fans are left hanging. So, when Mursel gets back to Nebraska, they’re reportedly down to just six hours before his K-1 visa runs out. Of course, fans of the franchise can guess how much of that drama’s down to TLC frauding.

As you can see below, Anna Campisi married Mursel in September 2019. So, all this action filmed last Fall. And, Anna’s been trying to keep it on the down-low whether or not they got married at all. No doubt, Anna Campisi’s trying to honor the NDA she signed for filming. But, they’re hitched.

90 Day Fiance: Anna Campisi - Mursel Mistanoglu

Anna Caught Faking Mursel Not Being in America

As Soap Dirt covered recently here, Anna Campisi (with her old hairdo) was busted by fans when she posted an Instagram live. She was trying to pretend like 90 Day Fiance Mursel’s not in the US. But, then he came home and can be heard on the video (see below).

Because, Anna Campisi’s son Joe was out with his step-dad and they came home in the middle of her live stream. Mursel can be clearly heard calling out her name in his noticeable Turkish accent. Then, Anna flushed red and shut off the live abruptly. But it was too late, she was busted by 90 Day Fiance fans.

She called herself a “single mom” in the video even though she’s got a house husband in Mursel at that point. Because, it’s doubtful he’s got his 90 Day Fiance green card papers that allow him to get a job. So, Anna Campisi got caught frauding. And her hair looked a little lackluster. Now it’s fab…

Check out Anna Campisi’s New Do – 90 Day Fiance Star Looks Years Young with New Style

Now, months after her wedding to Mursel, Anna Campisi’s looking noticeably less stressed. Plus, it’s probably nice to have him around so she can spend a few hours at the salon getting this great new look. Often, Anna pulls her hair back in a quick ponytail – like many busy moms.

See the new look the 90 Day Fiance mom of three’s sporting now.

90 Day Fiance: Anna Campisi

In 90 Day Fiance confessional scenes, Anna Campisi rocks a tightly curled look (like the pic at the top above). But that looks high maintenance and fussy. Now, her new hairdo has gentle layers. And she added highlights to give her color a multi-dimensional effect. It also looks like a paler base color.

The end result is very flattering and takes years off her look. What do you think of Anna Campisi’s hair style? Be sure to keep watching to see Anna & Mursel’s wedding coming up soon on the TLC show. And watch new episodes Sunday nights.

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