’90 Day Fiance’: Angela Deem Has Cancer?

90 Day Fiance personality Angela Deem could be facing a scary cancer diagnosis. In the latest episode of Happily Ever After, she went to the doctor to once again see if she can have children. But the answer isn’t what she was hoping for. It’s definitely not what Angela was expecting to get. So, now the 54-year-old is getting a possibly cancerous mass tested. Keep reading for the full scoop.

90 Day Fiance: Angela Deem Visits Doctor With More Pregnancy Hopes

In last week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Angela Deem was experiencing some medical problems. So, before she goes to Nigeria to see Michael, she visited her gynecologist to hopefully have her questions answered. She still has hopes that she’s able to get pregnant, but that’s not the diagnosis that her doctor gives her. What Dr. Carmela Pettigrew finds during her ultrasound is not a good thing.

The doctor tells Angela that having her period could actually be “postmenopausal bleeding”. 90 Day Fiance‘s Angela didn’t get the news she wanted. It looks like her doctor couldn’t find any eggs to tote and had a hard time finding her ovaries. Sadly, she’s not going to be able to get pregnant on her own. Although the doctor didn’t find a cyst, she did see a fibroid, which is a tumor-like growth in the uterus.

Doctor Tells Angela She’s Got ‘No Eggs’ – Angela’s Devastated

Once the ultrasound is over, Angela Deem starts asking her main question: did the doctor see any eggs? “It’s confirmed that I don’t have an egg?” the 90 Day Fiance star asks her gynecologist. Her doctor says, “I don’t see any signs of that, no.” Plus, the woman says that Angela’s “chances of getting pregnant” on her own “are essentially zero”.

This isn’t what Angela wanted to hear. “When the doctor tells me I don’t have any eggs left, I feel devastated. Because, if I can’t have a baby for Michael [Ilesanmi] then that could ruin our relationship,” she tells 90 Day Fiance cameras. Yet, that’s not everything the doctor has to say to Angela, she does tell the woman that she can possibly get pregnant by In Vitro Fertilization.

90 Day Fiance: Could Angela Have Uterine Cancer?

So, while Angela Deem does get some good news, the doctor drops a bomb and tells her that she’ll need an “endometrial biopsy” to check for uterine cancer. Her postmenopausal bleeding could be a sign of cancer growing. So, she’ll have to go under the knife in order to find out for sure. It’s definitely a scary thought for the woman, who’s worry shows on her face. It also means that Angela and Michael Ilesanmi can’t “tote an egg” right now.

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