’90 Day Fiance’: Anfisa Reveals Future Bodybuilding Plans – Will She Continue To Compete?

90 Day Fiance star Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava revealed her future bodybuilding plans. Anfisa posted a video on her YouTube channel outlining her experiences in bodybuilding contests. In this video, she explained what she would like to do in the future when it comes to bodybuilding. She also talked about the struggles she had with dieting after her competitions were complete. Anfisa Nava admitted that she liked the thrill. But, will she continue to compete?

90 Day Fiance: Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava Wants To Go Pro

Anfisa Nava competed at two different bodybuilding events so far this year. She was very successful at both competitions. Anfisa explained that “after doing these two shows I can tell I fell in love with competing”. The 90 Day Fiance celeb added that she finds it really fun and “it’s really a great experience”. It seems like Anfisa won’t stop competing anytime soon.

The 90 Day Fiance Russia native talked about wanting to strut her muscular stuff at a professional level. In order to compete at a higher level, you have to participate in a national show. However, Anfisa explained that to be part of one of those shows, you must be an American citizen. Although Anfisa would otherwise qualify to compete, she can’t because she isn’t a citizen. However, there is another route she can take if she wants to go to the next level.


TLC Star Plans To Compete Again Next Year

Anfisa Arkhipchenko Nava does want to try to get a pro card. That will allow her to take part in a pro-level show. So, she will be participating in more contests.  Anfisa Nava stated that she is “planning to compete next year around August”. However, the 90 Day Fiance alum plans on doing another local show so she can get back on stage and shake off any nerves.

The 90 Day Fiance bodybuilder revealed that she plans on competing in the North American Championship. However, only after she partakes in a smaller show. Because, there she can get rid of any nervous jitters from not being on stage in a long time. After the NAC contest, Anfisa wants to participate in the Amateur Olympics. From there, she plans to see where her bodybuilding journey takes her.

Pos-Competition Diet Struggles

Anfisa Nava stated that it has been one week since her last contest. Anfisa thought that she was going to be smart when it came to reverse dieting. She thought she would slowly increase her calorie intake. However, that was not the case. Anfisa said “forget it, I was just a mess”. She admitted that she gained six pounds already since her last show.

The 90 Day Fiance reality star explained that the week following her show her diet was terrible. She ate so much junk food. Everything from chips to candy. She continued to say that she ate a lot of fast food. She said “you name it, I had it.” However, Anfisa Nava says she wants to get back to living a healthy lifestyle.

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