’90 Day Fiance’: Amy and Danny Frishmuth – Where Are They Now?

90 Day Fiance couple Danny Frishmuth and Amy Frishmuth appeared on season two of the TLC series. Amy and Danny met during a Bible study trip in Australia. Then, Amy moved from South Africa to America on a K1 visa. However, before the couple got married, Amy lived with Danny’s brother. Because, the couple didn’t want to live together until they were married.

Amy found it hard to win acceptance of Danny’s family members. Since his family didn’t agree with mixed race relationships. However, the couple did get married. So, find out what Danny and his spouse Amy Frishmuth have been up to since appearing on the TLC show.

90 Day Fiance: Amy Frishmuth Now a Mother of Two

Since being on the show, Amy Frishmuth decided to keep most of her life private. So, she doesn’t post often on social media. However, it is no secret that she is happy to show off her family of four. Back in 2015, Amy and her husband Danny welcomed a baby boy in to their lives. They named their son Jedidiah John Frishmuth.

Two years later, the 90 Day Fiance South African native and Danny Frishmuth welcomed another addition. Jedidiah became an older brother to a girl named Anna Elise Frishmuth. Amy admits on a post online that she “never planned to be a young mom and wife.” However, she is glad that she said yes to Danny. So, where they are now is in a great place.

Danny Frishmuth Shows Off Growing Family

Danny Frishmuth is now a proud father of two. According to the pictures he posts online, he seems to be enjoying fatherhood. He admits online that marrying Amy was the best decision he has ever made. As for his kids, he feels blessed and that his “heart is full”. The question is, will Amy Frishmuth and her spouse Danny continue to grow their family?

The 90 Day Fiance reality star and his family are currently living in Texas. The Frishmuth’s moved away from his relatives in Pennsylvania. However, he does make time to visit everyone. Danny posted online that he went to Oklahoma to celebrate his sister’s birthday. He admits that it was “much needed outdoor times”.

90 Day Fiance Reality Stars Launch New Church

Danny Frishmuth and his wife Amy Frishmuth credit their faith for bringing them together. Their spirituality plays a big role in their marriage and relationship. Because, if it wasn’t for their faith, they wouldn’t have met on a Bible trip. Danny and his other half Amy continue to thank God for their blessings in life.

The TLC season two couple recently started a new journey. They are involved in launching a new church. The Mercy Culture Church launched on April 21 in Texas. Danny Frishmuth and his partner Amy Frishmuth will be co-leading a marriage and family group. The couple continue “to listen and obey the Father”. So, it seems that life after the reality show has been great for them.

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