’90 Day Fiance’: Aladin Jallali’s Best Friend Calls Out TLC Fakery – Says Drama is ‘Staged’

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way couple Aladin Jallali and Laura Jallali have seemingly had a tumultuous relationship both on and off-camera. Adding more fuel to the fire, one of Aladin’s friends recently dropped bombshells that could hint at the true nature of their relationship. The man in question said TLC stages everything 90 Day Fiance fans see. What other tea did he spill?

90 Day Fiance: Aladin Jallali’s Best Bud Speaks Out – Calls Show ‘Fake’

A man claiming to be Aladin Jallali’s best pal recently served some piping hot tea on everything relating to the couple’s 90 Day Fiance storyline this season. Aymen Shelby railed against the network and called The Other Way “fake”. In addition, he said much of what he sees on the show is “far from reality”. There’s a lot of on-camera and off-camera drama going on right now for Aladin Jallali and wife Laura Jallali. And, it looks like he wants to set the record straight.

Aladin Jallali’s buddy went in further on the alleged TLC 90 Day Fiance fakery. There are ongoing claims that the network orchestrates scenes to maximize drama. And, it seems Aladin’s pal is the latest to echo these claims. He said the network takes “advantage” of the cast and that they “create the scenarios”. This is in line with claims from the past regarding the network manipulating scenes to boost drama.

90 Day Fiance: Aymen Shelby

90 Day Fiance: Laura Jallali and Hubby Aladin Fed Lines? – David Toborowsky Says No

Aladin Jallali’s friend went on to say that most of what 90 Day Fiance watchers end up seeing is not real. He said TLC gave the couple lines to say when he filmed with them for the wedding. He said he saw firsthand how TLC manipulates the “truth”. Other cast members have come out to say production feeds them lines to repeat. And, because they have no control over how the final product is edited, what is shown may not be exactly how things went down.

Interestingly, fellow 90 Day Fiance cast member David Toborowsky weighed-in on this latest tea. Annie Suwan’s husband said some cast members “lie” to production to get more airtime. He seemingly defended the way TLC edits what viewers eventually see on the show. According to him, there’s no script. And, it’s the responsibility of the cast to “own” whatever they say.

David and Annie are a 90 Day Fiance fan-favorite couple. But, what he says seems to contradict the claims of Aladin Jallali’s best friend. Annie Suwan’s hubby followed his comments by saying that’s been his experience with the show. But, David Toborowsky admitted he can’t speak for everyone.

90 Day Fiance: David Toborowsky

Aymen Shelby Defends Aladin – Throws Laura Jallali Under the Bus

The Tunisian 90 Day Fiance‘s pal came to his defense further. Aladin Jallali has been dragged through the mud since he was humiliated on national television for his lack of bedroom skills. And, it looks like his friend took the opportunity to defend him and throw shade at Laura Jallali. Aymen Shelby said Laura Jallali jeopardized their relationship and chose money over “privacy” and “truth”.

He added that 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is set up to make people look bad while garnering sympathy for certain cast members at the same time. And, according to him, it seems Aladin Jallali got the short end of the stick in this scenario. But, is this an instance of exposing the truth? Or, is it a good friend coming to the defense of his best bud? Either way, there’s a lot here for 90 Day Fiance followers to digest.

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Laura & Aladin Jallali Now

Right now, it’s unclear one way or the other what the status of the 90 Day Fiance couple’s relationship is. Aladin Jallali wiped his wife from his Instagram. And, Laura was spotted back home in Florida with her son. This is in addition to the cheating claims making the rounds.

Interestingly, Aladin hasn’t addressed his wife publicly in weeks. And, when asked about their relationship, both of them encouraged viewers to watch The Other Way to find out more even though the show films months in advance.

Are Laura and Aladin Jallali the latest victims of TLC frauding? Or, are they in cahoots with the network to spin the narrative and further their own agenda? It’s possible the couple are keeping quiet about their relationship until their season wraps. But, in the meantime, there are certainly far more questions than answers. Catch new episodes of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Mondays at 9:00 only on TLC.

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