’90 Day Fiance’: Aladin Jallali Defends Himself – Says He Is Not a Gigolo

90 Day Fiance star Aladin Jallali is back to defending his personal life. This time the Qatar native is saying that he is ‘not for sale’ or a Gigolo after some rich woman offered to marry him. But this isn’t the first time Aladin has had to defend himself. He’s made it a point to explain the whole story and show who he really is.

90 Day Fiance Update: Aladin Jallali’s Been Accused of Several Things

This isn’t the only time Aladin Jallali has felt it necessary to tell everyone who he “really is”. Mostly, it’s been his ex Laura Jallali random accusations at him because she’s salty about their 90 Day Fiance relationship. So far, Laura has claimed that Aladin was gay and that’s why they didn’t work out. She has been dumping on many accusations that don’t seem to pan out.

Another thing she has done is accuse him of abusing her emotionally and physically and cheating on her. Also, Laura has even said that Aladin is not so good in the bedroom. There isn’t really anything she hasn’t accused Aladin Jallali of at this point. Which may be why he constantly feels the need to defend himself.


Rich French Girl Offers to ‘Buy’ Aladin

For some reason, Aladin Jallali felt the need to share a strange social media interaction that happened recently with his 90 Day Fiance fans. According to the 29-year-old, some of his 90 Day Fiance followers, “think I am for sale”. But when he refuses to accept their offers, “they get mad when I set them straight!”

He said this one user sent him a DM in Arabic/French and claimed to have lots of money. Apparently, she even asked him to marry her and was angry when Aladin rejected her. “I am a MAN,” Aladin Jallali said in an Instagram post. “I make my own money…and I am not for sale!” He warned ladies he’s no Gigolo and to stop trying to win him over with “fancy cars and luxury homes”. Not even a green card with sway his stance.

90 Day Fiance Star Accused of Playing Women

The same user who tried to buy him told Aladin Jallali that he was, “opportunistic” and “playing with women”. So, Aladin exposed her rude comments after he deleted her previous one on Instagram and she posted more. He might be looking for an actual relationship because he’s not fooling around with his love life. Aladin even added the hashtag “love cannot be bought”. But he has been teasing a new mystery woman in his life. Has he finally found the right girl for him?

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