’90 Day Fiance’: 7 Most Meme Worthy Quotes – Azan’s 55% Nicole Slam & More

90 Day Fiance fans love their memes and cast members Azan Tefou and Nicole Nafziger rank high in that department. But those aren’t the only ones that are fan favorites for their wild quotes. Certain lines are now classics.

With so many seasons and spinoffs, it’s impossible to name them all. But here are some of the funniest, most meme-worthy lines of the TLC hit show.Check them out and watch Sundays for new episodes and get ready for the new Before The 90 Days season in February.

The Stuff That Memes Are Made Of – Famous 90 Day Fiance Lines – Chantel vs Pedro’s Sister

The cast on 90 Day Fiance and its many spin-offs are a crazy bunch. Add that to the stresses of the K-1 visa process, language barriers, family issues, and cultural divide and you have a recipe for meltdowns.

Who could forget 90 Day Fiance‘s Family Chantel visiting Pedro Jimeno’s fam in the Dominican Republic? The goal was a blending of families at the couple’s wedding. But, it turned disastrous. Pedro’s mom served chicken feet and sister Nicole Jimeno went ham on Chantel Everett.

After a spat between the two when Chantel thinks Nicole called her “puta” which means b*tch in Spanish, Chantel famously clapped back. Then, stomped off calling Nicole “B*tch a*s slut a*s whore”. Since then “BASAW” memes and merchandise went viral among 90 Day Fiance fans.

Andre Terrorized by Libby’s Pregnancy

On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After, Andrei Castravet and Elizabeth Potthast didn’t have it easy. Her family hassled the moody Moldovan with her dad Chuck Potthast his biggest critic. He thought him lazy. Fed up Andrei was sick of her family and her baby shower turned into a fight.

Exhausted pregnant Elizabeth told Andrei to ask her Pop for a job. Andrei said no – he’s putting up a handyman ad instead. Her frustration grows and she played the baby card. To which, her 90 Day Fiance hubby Andre says “Don’t terrorize me with your pregnancy.”

Fans gasped and felt bad for Libby. Nonetheless, the phrase became a popular bit of 90 Day Fiance history.

Demands and Divas – Queens and Makeup

Hands down, one of the all-time favorite lines on 90 Day Fiance was the season 6 barbecue with Colt Johnson and his drunk cousin John. That guy went off on Larissa Dos Santos, accusing her of using Coltee for money. She clapped back on Colt’s no A/C car. So, what money? Cousin John continued his verbal assault. Meanwhile, Colt sat in silence.

Later, in what became 90 Day Fiance reality TV gold, Larissa uninvited John to the wedding and stomped upstairs. At the top, she turned and unleashed the famous line “Who is against the queen will die”. This piece of diva drama’s now on everything from shirts to mugs.

Another famous 90 Day Fiance quote came from troubled couple Jorge and Anfisa Nava in the midst of a parking garage argument. Anfisa screamed the now- classic: “Bring me my red bag with my makeup!” Then, Jorge went to get the famous bag. And now you can buy your own crimson makeup bag with the quote right on the front.

Illusion and Delusion – Darcey And Jesse’s Famous Lines of 90 Day Fiance

90 Day Fiance staple Darcey Silva seldom disappoints drama-thirsty fans. The Connecticut mom is famous for her antics on and off the TLC show. Darcey’s first Before the 90 Days go-round was a bumpy ride. Then, she went to Amsterdam to be with Jesse MeesterThe middle-aged diva and aspiring life coach clashed on her drinking and the way he cut his steak.

Jesse came up with a meme-worthy line when producers asked about being a step parent to her teen girls. He said “it is an illusion” that he’d be a step-fadda. The vapid quote quickly became a catch-phrase for all things Jesse. Their famous NYC break up in New York City also spawned a memorable quote and dramatic 90 Day Fiance exit.

After Jesse asked Darcey to meet him in NYC, she thought it was for romance. But the dour Dutchman summoned her to break up face to face with 90 Day Fiance cameras rolling. Who could forget Darcey in her oversized white fur jumping out of the car screaming “You don’t love me you never did you liar! Get out of my life!” Fans ate up her meltdown and meme-makers went wild.

Truth Hurts – More Classic 90 Day Fiance Quotes

90 Day Fiance fans cringed when Azan Tefou famously said he was physically attracted to Nicole Nafziger “but just like 55 percent.” And Azan said it sitting next to her talking to producers. This came after Azan Tefou called Nicole Nafziger lazy and took her to the gym. The quote became a fan fave. Even now, Nicole Nafziger insists she and Azan Tefou are altar-bound. But there’s probably less than 55% chance that happens.

No collection of classic 90 Day Fiance quotes would be complete without the musings of Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi. Things got crazy when Angela accused her young Nigerian love of cheating. Prompting him to admit: “I did the BJ… you know for real”. While Angela certainly didn’t find the confession funny, everybody else did.

To wrap up this hilarious montage of quips, we have one from Angela’s Georgia a** face. She broke the 90 Day Fiance internet asking daughter Skyla Deem for one of her eggs to make a baby with Michael. Angie drawled: “I can tote it, I just need ya’ egg”. Angela’s now the top Google result for toting it. Even Libby and her sis on Pillow Talk chanted that one.

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