’90 Day Bares All’ Recap: Molly Hopkins Plays Name That Cup Size

On 90 Day Bares All, Molly Hopkins plays a guessing game involving a certain 90 Day Fiance cast member’s ever changing proportions and lifts up Rebecca Parrott with a special gift. The two ladies also weigh in on Stephanie Davison and Ryan Carr.

And part two of Jenny Slatten vs. the family Sumit literally gets ugly. Strap on your favorite underwire and lets see what happened in season 1 episode 4, Molly, Rebecca, Jenny and Sumit.

Molly Hopkins Talks About Her Busty Business on 90 Day Bares All

Molly Hopkins is back on 90 Day Bares All. She is looking good and has put all the nonsense with ex-husband Luis Mendez behind her. Host Shaun Robinson cues a clip of Luis accusing Molly of having demon decor. When really it was just an owl with a candle in it. Thankfully Molly has moved on. And admits looking back that the he was probably using her and her hard earned money just to get to America. He quickly married another woman right after they divorced.

But things are looking up for Molly. Her business Livi Rae lingerie is going strong. And Molly says she gets DM’s by the thousands from guys who want to date her. And some are pretty x-rated. Molly will join the lineup on the new Discovery-plus show The Single Life. The show will feature cast who were on an original 90 Day Fiance show who are single now.  Shaun rolls a sexy clip of Molly in some lingerie pulling mounds of pearls out of her bra as she talks about sexy role play.

Molly Plays Guess That Bra Size

On 90 Day Bares All, Molly agrees to play a game. Because Molly is an expert on fitting women with the right size bras, the game involves guessing cup sizes from photos of just cast member’s boobs. The first pic is a thin woman with some small perky tatas. Molly guesses a 32-C. The face is revealed and it’s a young Darcey Silva with dark hair. Before Botox and fake boobies. The second one is a much bigger rack and is also revealed to be Darcey who has jumped to double D territory.

The last one shows some giant boobs and shocker: it’s a most recent Darcey who is now what Molly refers to as a G-cup. So who needs anyone else when Darcey covered the spread from C to G. Next up Rebecca Parrott joins the set of 90 Day Bares All. The two ladies have never officially met till now despite living close to each other in Georgia. After some small talk they watch a clip of fellow 90 Day Fiance cougar and castmate Stephanie Davison’s boyfriend Ryan.

In the clip Ryan talks about all the men before him who have “gotten lucky” and married American women. He says friends of his literally scooped up vacationing American women. And he wanted in on the game. Ryan also reminds producers that his sex game is strong. And he really wants to see America. Rebecca rates Ryan a 2 for trustworthiness after watching the clip. And says she sees a lot of her Moroccan ex in his shifty ways. Ouch. Good luck Stephanie.

Rebecca Parrott Wins A Booby Prize on 90 Day Bares All

Molly Hopkins played the game, but it’s Rebecca who will get a prize. Molly has brought along a few fancy and fitted brassieres just for the queen of hot chicken. Rebecca hides behind a screen and trades her current bra for one of Molly’s lacy creations.

But Molly is pretty appalled by Rebecca’s current bra. She calls it dishwater grey, way too small and just plain ugly. Rebecca comes out looking “so maaach” lifted in the Livi Rae bra.

Sumit Singh’s Family fights Jenny Slaton

Next on 90 Day Bares All, host Shaun returns to part 2 of the family Sumit vs. Jenny Slatten. And it ain’t pretty. Sumit Singh’s dad starts the ugly when he says that the wife of Sumit should be good looking. And that even Sumit was shocked when Jenny arrived at how old she looked. This sends Jenny storming off again while Sumit’s parents smirk. Shaun asks Sumit if it’s true and he makes up something about the cameras and internet not having good quality back then.

Shaun reminds Sumit that he actually catfished Jenny by using someone else’s whole picture. Jenny continues yelling off camera and Sumit asks her to calm down.

Rebecca doesn’t have much to say since she already admitted to the use of magic filters that made her look like she just graduated high school when she first met Zied Hakimi.

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