’90 Day Bares All’ Recap: Anny’s Freaky Birthday Celebration Uncensored

90 Day Bares All went behind the scenes of what really went on at Anny Francisco Matos‘ birthday party at the strip club back when she first came to America. This 90 Day Fiance recap episode also featured an exclusive interview with Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh and some surprise guests.

And finally we see there was more to Mike Youngquist’s and Natalie Mordovtseva’s big blowout over beer. Let’s breakdown all the stuff we didn’t see in season 1 episode 3 Natalie, Robert and Anny.

’90 Days Bares All’ Recap: Robert Spring’s Wife Anny Gets Her Freak On At Her Birthday Party

90 Day Bares All brings us some up close and personal action never before seen. Robert Springs is in the studio with host Shaun Robinson. Wife and new mom Anny Francisco joins them via video screen to dish on married life and her wild side. First off, congrats are in order to this couple as they recently welcomed a baby girl, Brenda, named after Anny’s mom. Anny’s labor was a long 24 hours but the new mom says she is blessed with her beautiful baby.

On 90 Day Bares All, Robert Springs and Anny admit that their 4-month-old baby certainly has changed things. While Robert says he’s a homebody, Anny likes to get her freak on. Host Shaun has some uncut and uncensored footage from that infamous strip club visit for Anny’s birthday in their first season. As the clip rolls we see some pretty impressive pole dancing. And an even more impressive feat involving a dancer and a balloon. A long balloon.

Robert Springs is a little slow to loosen up at the club. But Anny is loving the entertainment. Especially when one woman gives her some in your face attention. Literally. And Anny isn’t shy do do a little booty slapping. Robert gets uncomfortable and the next day wants to know if Anny is bisexual. She admits to some sexy fun in the past with 3 or 4 women including some lip service south of the border. But in the end Anny is all about her hubby and family now with those juicy memories left in the past.

Sumit Singh and Jenny Slatten Still Struggling For Acceptance on ’90 Day Bares All’

On 90 Day Bares All, host Shaun Robinson has an exclusive interview with Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh via video chat. It seems Jenny is hanging onto her visa by applying for extensions to keep her in India. The couple seem happy enough, but Shaun wants to know what all inquiring minds want to know: why not just get married? Jenny says it’s because Sumit will not go against his family’s wishes. Especially his mom and dad. This makes Jenny understandably frustrated.

To make matters worse for Jenny, Sumit’s parents Sahna and Anil join the video party. There still is no love lost for poor Jenny. His dad says Jenny “is a very good lady”. But bottom line is she’s too damn old for his son. Sumit’s mom looks enraged at the sight of Jenny. And denies she ever knew they were in a relationship. Jenny says that’s just full on BS. The rest of the family weighs in and of course supports mom. Jenny yells and Sumit tells her not to shout on 90 Day Bares All.

Next host Shaun spills the tea about what really happened when Jenny found out Sumit was married. And we’ve got clips and a real live 90 Day producer to back it up. The producer, also named Shawn ( with a W) recalls the shocking call from Jenny that Sumit had a whole other wife. The crew hopped the next plane to India and Shawn comforted a distraught Jenny who hadn’t left the apartment in 5 days. Everybody was blindsided. The interview continues in the next 90 Day Bares All.

Natalie Mordovtseva Rages Roadside In 90 Day Fiance Bonus Scene

Last but not least on 90 Day Fiance Bares All, Ukrainian teetotaler Natalie Mordovtseva joins host Shaun on the video screen. Shaun asks about her recent behavior on 90 Day Fiance. There is a highlight reel of her worst behavior. Calling Mike’s house the stuff of horror movies. Shaun wants to know why after all the time they spent chatting Mike never sent a pic of the house or farm so she would know what it’s like.

Natalie says that Mike did indeed send pics of his and Uncle Beau’s Sequim Sasquatch Sanctuary but they were photoshopped. She could tell by the stretched out koi in the pond. Shaun moves on to the meltdown Natalie had recently. She called Mike a low class drunk. And pointed out her genius IQ of 110. Natalie pouts and says Mike doesn’t respect her. And that’s why she throws these tantrums. Shaun rolls some more 90 Day Bares All uncensored footage for our viewing pleasure.

TLC Production Steps In

Evidently a producer rolled up on Natalie screaming from the roadside at Mike in his truck. The reason for the calamity is that Mike asked Natalie if she wanted to stop for a beer. She is hysterical claiming he’s a pusher of the devil’s juice.

Natalie claims they got drunk in Ukraine and her mother got upset. So she’s just saying no to happy hour from here on out. Natalie says the footage looks sad and dramatic. And again that’s putting it mildly.

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