‘7 Little Johnstons’ Spoilers: Trent Johnston Worries about Elizabeth Dating Average-Size People – Fans Express Opinions

7 Little Johnstons spoilers reveal that Trent Johnston worries about his daughter dating an average-size person. His daughter Elizabeth Johnston comes clean to Trent about talking to a boy. She reveals that the young man is average-height. However, this information doesn’t sit well with her father. Trent is aware that people treat little people differently. Therefore, he doesn’t want to see his daughter get her feelings hurt.

7 Little Johnstons – Trent Johnston Looking Out For Daughter

Trent Johnson is a father of five children. He is always looking out for his children’s best interests. That includes the topic of dating. However, he has some concerns about his children dating average-size people. Trent is aware that as little people they are viewed and treated differently. Trent believes that as little people they can relate more to fellow little people than to average-height people. Therefore, he believes it is best for his children to date someone of their stature.

7 Little Johnstons spoilers explain that Trent Johnston has some reservations when Elizabeth Johnston tells him she is speaking to a person of average size. He believes that “an average-size young man is not going to understand the social acceptance that my dwarf daughter in high school has.” There are certain things that come with being a little person that average-height people may not understand. Trent is only trying to protect his daughter.

Elizabeth Johnston Dating Again

Elizabeth Johnston entered the dating world last season. She started to date an average-height boy named James Burdette. However, James broke up with Elizabeth through a text message. According to James, he needed time and space to focus on himself. However, Elizabeth was not buying it because she saw that James had moved on with someone else shortly after the breakup.


7 Little Johnstons spoilers indicate that Elizabeth Johnston is ready to start dating again. She tells her dad that she is “flat out talking to a guy.” Elizabeth adds “who’s average-size.” The boy is a high school student named Brice Bolden. The fact that he is average-height worries Trent. Especially, since her previous relationship was with an average-height young man. That relationship didn’t end well. Trent doesn’t want to see Elizabeth get hurt again.

Fans Not Happy With TLC Star’s Views

7 Little Johnstons fans aren’t too happy with Trent’s comments about Elizabeth Johnston talking to an average-height man. One fan wrote on social media that Trent better talk “to the young man before totally discounting him.” The fan adds that “good people come in all sorts of sizes.” Some fans believe that the TLC reality star “sounds prejudice” and “is a bit of a square.”

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Some fans of the TLC show support Trent Johnston. One fan believes that “Trent and Amber will make the right decision.” They believe it is their daughter, so Trent and Amber have the right to voice their concerns. Other fans think he should let his his daughter date people of any size.

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