’60 Days In’ Recap: Racial Tensions Run High On Season 5 Episode 5 ‘Liars and Thieves”

60 Days In recap for Season 5 episode 5 shows tensions run high along racial lines as a thief arrives in the men’s cell house. However, the inmates handle the situation on their own. While in the women’s pod when Jazmyn, Vivian and Brooke report stealing to the guards they are laughed at as the problem grows.

60 Days In Recap: Jazmyn and the women in Cell House F300

The show opens in the women’s unit of the Pinel County Jail in Florence, Arizona. Jazmyn accuses the other inmates of using her phone pin to make calls and stealing $5 of her money. Jazmyn is a single mother and veteran. Her mission during her 60 Days In prison is to determine if there are drugs in the prison and how they are getting in.  Jazmyn presents herself as a gangster to the other inmates. She tells the pod that whoever stole from her needs to come forward and fight her.

Brooke – Looks for Contraband, Gets Soap Stolen

Brooke says she is a right-wing conservative and can’t believe the drama Jazmyn is causing about her phone minutes. Brooke’s mission is to see what drugs and contraband are in the jail. She has been attending AA/NA meetings to see if she can learn something helpful.  While she is at the meeting someone stole her shampoo and soap. Brooke reports it to the guard and the guard laughs in her face.  The guard asks, ‘what do you want me to do about it?’

60 Days In Recap: Vivian

Vivian is an Army and Navy veteran and her mission is jail operations. Vivian talks to Jazmyn and Brooke about the stealing to see if the officers are handling the situation the way they should. All three women decide to put in a kite to the guards telling them about the stealing problem. A kite is a note to jail staff. None of the women get a response from staff about their concerns.

Mark and David in Cell House H200

Mark is a former correctional office and superfan of 60 Days In. His mission is to get a better understanding of jail operations. Mark has worked to gain the trust of the other inmates. However, he made a big mistake with White TV Day last week and now is dealing with the drama. Mark decides to start a bible study to get attention away from the TV drama and see if others will view him as a Christian they can confide in. Unfortunately, no on attends.

David is now 2nd in Command

David has clearly positioned himself as the second in command of the pod. He has earned the respect of the other inmates quickly. He is a police officer on the street and knows how to talk to the inmates. David tells Mark not to worry because he has his back and will look out for him if anything starts to go bad in the pod.

Things get tense when two new inmates arrive and need a bed mat. Several other inmates have two mats and a Chicano inmate tries to take a Kinfolk gang members mat. David tries to calm the situation but the loud yelling draws the attention of the guards. The guards tell all the inmates they have one hour to give up any extra mats they have or they will get written up.

Abner in Cell House H100

Abner was in prison when he was just 18 so he is familiar with the routine. He is now a minister on the outside. However, Abner has fallen in with the Chicanos as an enforcer. Abner is in with the top gang that runs the whole institution. He wants to use what he learns to help the Sheriff make it a better place for the inmates.

A new inmate Robert, arrives on the pod and Abner welcomes him. However, he soon steals a soda from another inmate. He then takes a second from the inmate who is the leader of the Kinfolk gang. Things get tense quickly. Abner gets Robert to admit he took the sodas. Abner and the other Chicanos agree to pay back the sodas and get Robert moved to another pod so he doesn’t get beat up. Keep watching as next week the women face retaliation from the guards for reporting their stolen items and the Chicanos and Kinfolk reach an agreement.

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