5 Things You Didn’t Know About Maura West From ‘General Hospital’

General Hospital powerhouse Maura West is a fan-favorite as scandalous Ava Jerome. However, the three-time Emmy winning actress is very different from her character on GH. So, if you love the former mob-princess there are five things you’ll want to know about the Western Mass native who plays Ava Jerome on ABC daytime.

#1 – Maura West And Jon Lindstrom Go Way Back Before General Hospital

General Hospital’s Maura West absolutely loved the storyline of Ava Jerome and Ryan Chamberlain-Kevin Collins. Plus, she was thrilled to be working closely with co-star Jon Lindstrom. Of course, this isn’t the first time Maura and Jon have worked together. Years ago, they played Carly Snyder and Craig Montgomery on As The World Turns. This time around, the jumped back in line no time had passed. Not only does she love working with Jon but she was ecstatic to work with Genie Francis as well.

Certainly, she respects and admires the soap vet greatly. Additionally, she loved the dynamic between Ava Jerome and Laura Spencer. She was glad the writers chose to make Laura be so kind to Ava. Not only, during the bridge scene when Ava learned Kevin was actually Ryan. But, Laura befriended Ava Jerome and the two women are somewhat close now rather than being at each other’s throats. Maura couldn’t be happier to work with Jon and Genie on General Hospital.

#2 – Maura West And Ava Jerome Total Opposites On GH

General Hospital star Maura West admits that her true personality couldn’t be any different from that of Ava Jerome. Of course, Ava prides herself on her looks. Remember, when her face was scarred it took a huge toll on her and she nearly sold her soul to restore it. Plus, the way she carries herself and her big, flashy entrances are nothing like Maura. Ava is very over the top and always pushing the limits on General Hospital.

Maura states she loves that about her character and it’s interesting to play because she’s so different herself. She’s not afraid of being ugly and she is not vain at all. Appearance is not something she places value in which is a far cry from Ava Jerome. No doubt, Maura plays the part so well on General Hospital you would never know it.

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#3 – See Which General Hospital Cast Members Maura Wishes She Had More Screen Time With

On General Hospital, there are certain cast members Maura West wishes she had more scenes with. She says she would love to get in some scenes with Finola Hughes. But, she has no idea how the writers would get Ava and Anna Devane together. Also, she can never get enough of Kin Shriner. Maura says he’s very special and brings out the best in his co-stars.

Additionally, she always wants more time with Roger Howarth on General Hospital. Plus, she confides that she wishes Rebecca Budig didn’t leave and she can’t sing her praises enough. Of course, Jane Elliott, the longtime soap vet is high on Maura’s list. She would absolutely love to work with her as much as possible on General Hospital.

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#4 – Maura’s Reservations About Certain Ava Storylines On GH

General Hospital’s Ava Jerome is capable of just about anything. However, Maura West sometimes has concerns about storylines. For example, when Ava murdered Connie Falconeri (Kelly Sullivan) Maura was a bit leery. Of course, she knew that would be a lot for viewers to get over. But, she admits she’s always on Ava’s side and can justify her actions on General Hospital. She doesn’t think Ava killed Connie in cold blood.

Surely, she just panicked because she was protecting her brother Julian Jerome (William deVry). Also, she had some qualms about Ava’s face being terribly burned. At first, she thought it may be too “soapy” but now she absolutely loves that storyline – as do many viewers. Of course, Maura worries sometimes about fan reactions but she trusts the writers and she’s always pulling for Ava on General Hospital.

#5 – Maura Turns To Hubby And Kids For Acting Advice On Ava Jerome on General Hospital

GH superstar Maura West divulges that sometimes she is so floored by a scene that she will turn to her family for help. Her husband, Scott DeFreitas, was on As The World Turns with her back in the day. Plus, her household is full of actors seeing as several of her children are following in their parents’ footsteps.

So, if she is having issues with an Ava Jerome General Hospital scene, she will seek help from her family. No doubt, they are her sounding board and biggest supporters. Of course, it’s hard to imagine Maura having any trouble acting. But, when she does her family is there for her. Tune in to GH to see Maura West in action as Ava Jerome on the ABC sudser.

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