5 Shocks From ’90 Day Fiance Tell-All’: Lisa Attacks 2 Minorities – Big Ed and Tom Bully David Murphey

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days season ends soon and the Tell-All should be explosive given how volatile Lisa Hamme was in leaked footage. But will TLC edit out the best moments or offer up the good dirt? If you haven’t seen the leak, here are five big shocks from the Tell All.

#1 Lisa Hamme Goes Off on Two People of Color – Usman Umar & Shaun Robinson

90 Day Fiance viewers know that Lisa Hamme’s volatile and has chewed out Usman Umar several times during this season of Before the 90 Days. But what Lisa said on social media – and at the Tell-All are beyond the pale. First, Lisa Hamme tried to shut down Usman when he mentioned she’d called him the N-word. Of course, Shaun ignored the racial slur.

No doubt, producers of 90 Day Fiance were in her earpiece telling her to leave it alone. In the leaked footage, Lisa Hamme called Usman “stupid,” and that was after she called him a “lazy ni***” in a leaked text. On the Tell-All, she rages at her now-husband, threatens him, and then tried to change the subject away from her racial slur. But that’s not all.

Lisa Hamme also disparaged another person of color – 90 Day Fiance: Tell-All host Shaun Robinson. Usman’s wife snapped at Shaun, “if you shut up, I’ll tell you.” Then Lisa blasted Shaun, threatening to walk away “if you continue running your mouth.” To her credit, Shaun was calm about it (but dropped the ball not confronting Lisa on the N-word).

90 Day Fiance: Lisa Hamme - Usman Umar - Before the 90 Days

#2 Caesar Mack & David Murphey Both Got With Maria from 90 Day Fiance

Again, it’s not sure how much of this Tell-All hot mess will make it on air for the Before the 90 Days season-ending episodes. But, another strange thing came out when Caesar Mack talked Russian babes with David Murphey. It turns out David online-dated Caesar’s girl Maria for a hot minute.

On the 90 Day Fiance digital “couch,” David Murphey confessed to a date with Maria five years ago on a Russian wife-shopping site. Back then, Caesar was also talking to Maria. However, he didn’t take issue with David also chatting up his blonde babe. As Caesar explained, “you’re basically talking to more than one girl… and the women are doing it too”.

Then, David Murphey dropped a bigger shock that over the years, on the Russian sites, he’s “dated” more than 1,000 ladies. Plus, 90 Day Fiance‘s David said he’s been to Ukraine more than 20 times to meet women. And, David said: “it’s not a poor man’s game.” That could explain why cash-strapped Caesar never could reel in Maria and make her his woman.

Before the 90 Days: David Murphey - Lana - Engaged

#3 Big Ed Brown & Tom Brooks Tag Team Defensive David – Before the 90 Days

Another tense moment on the 90 Day Fiance Tell-All sessions came when Tom Brooks and Big Ed Brown both dumped on David Murphey. First, Darcey Silva’s ex Tom started with a slam. He told David he doesn’t watch David’s scenes, calling him and Lana his “fast forward couple.” Ouch. Then, Tom Brooks said that David’s “caught up in the fantasy of love.”

Soon, pint-sized Ed Brown joined the fray and repeatedly yelled at David, “you’re not engaged.” Ed didn’t stop, though, and kept haranguing the other 90 Day Fiance man. He said, “she’s not engaged to you – you’re a fool if you think she is.” Then, he repeated this mantra saying: “you’re not engaged to her buddy – I’m sorry – until she leaves the website.”

To his credit, David Murphey deftly handled Big Ed, who shouted over other participants on the multi-person call of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days cast members. Ed Brown said, “you’re being scammed.” Meanwhile, Tom Brooks’ disses were more subtle as he called the other guy Lana’s “Plan B”. Ouch again.

Spoiler alert: Lana meets David Murphey, accepts his proposal, and then later dumps him. See the pic above and get the details here from Soap Dirt.

Stephanie Matto - Erika Owens

#4 Stephanie Matto Pushed Erika Owens to Come Out – Then Dumped Her

Of course, there was some action with same-sex couple Stephanie Matto and Erika Owens on the Tell-All. It’s clear to everyone watching 90 Day Fiance that Stephanie didn’t seem ready for romance with Erika. Plus, as many fans noticed, Steph’s online alter-ego is way more sexy and exciting than she is in-person.

Still, on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days, Stephanie was all about Erika coming out to her parents. Of course, Erika’s family was chill and welcoming. However, when it came time for Stephanie to come clean to her mom, she wimped out on it. But given how many bi-curious videos Stephanie recorded, how can her mom not know she’s fluid?

So, we’ll hear more from Erika about her hurt feelings after Stephanie’s betrayal. Plus, the 90 Day Fiance wrap-up episodes reveal Steph dumped Erika like a hot rock right after she came out to her folks. Not cool. Again, there’s no telling how much of these leaked tidbits will make it into the final edited episode that airs on TLC.

Before the 90 Days: Tom Brooks - Darcey Silva - Jesse Meester - Before the 90 Days

#5 Darcey Silva Said She Was Tom Brooks’ Sugar Mama on 90 Day Fiance

Also, expect to see Darcey Silva on the Before the 90 Days closer. She had air time with Yolanda Leaks and offered some sweet sympathy. And that, of course, turned into her mentioning both her exes, Tom Brooks and Jesse Meester. Then, Darcey spilled some tea on who footed the bill when she and Tom spent time together.

Darcey said of her 90 Day Fiance men Jesse and Tom: “I’ve spent a lot of money in both relationships.” She said she paid her way to the UK to see him and spent plenty “while traveling” when she was in England. Also, Darcey said she was “very generous” when Tom Brooks wanted something and bought him clothing and other items.

Of interest is that Darcey said she spent “a lot more when I was with Jesse.” And, when she said that, you could see 90 Day Fiance facilitator Shaun tilt her head, as she does when producers are feeding her info. Then, she steered the conversation away from Jesse. She did this repeatedly. So, that’s a red flag of more Jesse to come on TLC spinoffs.

Side note – Tom Brooks insists what Darcey Silva said is untrue and clapped back at her recently with accusations that she’s an alcoholic and a cheater. Wow. So, wait for the TLC Tell-All to see how much of this action makes it into the final edit, but it’ll be later next month when that airs.

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