’19 Kids and Counting’: Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar Look to Cash in Big with Mansion Flip

19 Kids and Counting’s Jim Bob Duggar and Michelle Duggar listed their most ambitious flip house to date. The reality TV stars stand to get a huge payout if they succeed. The couple stands to profit well over $1,000,000 on this monster flip that was five years in the making. The Duggar clan is quite adept in flipping houses. In fact, they claim this as their family business long before TLC came knocking. However, this is not your average flip and will take time to find the right buyer.

19 Kids and Counting: Jim Bob Duggar and Wife Michelle Duggar Buy Low and Sell High

The latest Duggar flip to hit the market is the couple’s largest undertaking to date. As they say, big risks yield huge rewards. This is definitely the case here. Jim Bob and Michelle purchased what is known as the Baylor Mansion.  The 19 Kids and Counting parents purchased the property back in 2014 for a mere $230,000.

Now, they stand to profit well over one million dollars with the current asking price of $1,800,000. That of course factors in expenses incurred to renovate the estate. Certainly, these estimated proceeds would be a huge windfall for the Duggars.

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19 Kids and Counting: Baylor Mansion Details

19 Kids and Counting fans recall the Baylor Mansion was featured on the show back in 2012 in pristine condition. However, when the Duggars purchased property in 2014 the property was in serious disrepair. The 10,000 square foot historic home is located in Springdale, Arkansas and sits on an almost three-acre parcel. The Baylor Mansion was built in 1969 inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic round house.

The Duggars kept many of the original design features like the slate floors and walnut ceilings and doors however they added many modern features. The transformed property now boasts four bedrooms, nine bathrooms, four kitchens, and a gigantic home theater. The home incorporates the sleek and modern features of today with the historic charm of the past perfectly.

Will This Duggar Flip Be A Flop?

The Baylor Mansion flip could either be 19 Kids and Counting‘ stars biggest flipping success or it could turn out to be a colossal flop. While the home has been restored and modernized, the asking price is certainly a hurdle for the house flipping family. The median sales price for homes in that area is just $199,000. The Baylor Mansion is almost ten times more expensive the average home in the area.

The property also has a limited buyer pool able to spend kind of money on a home in largely rural Arkansas. So, with four kitchens and four large bedrooms, the home mainly appeals to a family similar to that of The Duggars. However, a large institution or church group could be a potential buyer and use the home for retreats and special events. Time will tell if The Duggars have a successful and lucrative flip or if this was too much of an undertaking resulting in a huge flop.

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