‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton’s Boyfriend Jerry Hits Her with Insane Weight Loss Goal

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton gets a shock from boyfriend Jerry Sykes who wants her to lose weight. Soon, he finally reveals how much he wants her to drop – and the pounds he asks her to plunge is insane. See if you think it’s too steep of a request.

1000-lb Sisters: Jerry Sykes Like Big Women

Jerry Sykes says he’s interested in what’s best for Tammy Slaton. But, he isn’t keeping quiet about how he enjoys being with larger women on 1000-lb Sisters. Also, he’s admitted in the past that he’s interested in his girlfriend Tammy getting the surgery she needs to lose weight. However, Jerry doesn’t want her to get “too skinny.” But what does Jerry consider skinny?

On 1000-lb Sisters, Jerry Sykes hasn’t spent much time hanging out with Tammy in person. While they met in an online chatroom for big and beautiful women, they’ve only met face to face twice. The second time that they’ve hung out together in person, Jerry traveled eight hours to come to see Tammy in Kentucky.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

Tammy Slaton Stacks on the Pounds Despite Trying to Lose

1000-lb Sisters co-star Tammy Slaton isn’t losing a lot of weight on the TLC show. While Tammy says she’s trying really hard to cut down on how much she weighs, she isn’t dropping the pounds. At the last doctor’s appointment she attended, she weighed 644 pounds.

It’s clear to Tammy Slaton’s family members that her weight is increasing. It is especially clear after she struggles to move into a van. While she’s normally able to slide her legs back, she struggles for air as she’s unable to scoot herself backward on 1000-lb Sisters.

Plus, fans saw that she gained 50 pounds in one month after one weigh-in on the show. And her sister Amy Slaton said she ate more than 30 meals in just two days. So, the 1000-lb Sisters‘ struggle is real for Tammy Slaton. What does Jerry Sykes think of her progress or lack of?

1000-lb Sisters: Jerry Sykes

1000-lb Sisters: Goal Set – Jerry Tells Tammy How Much Weight to Drop

Jerry Sykes says he doesn’t want to help take care of Tammy Slaton on 1000-lb Sisters. That’s because he realizes that it’s going to be a lot of work. Also, Jerry says he isn’t ready to take on all of the responsibilities that helping Tammy requires. Next, he asks Tammy Slaton if she’s planning on sticking to the weight loss program.

While Tammy nods her head and says she’s going to keep going, he brings up how much weight he hopes she’ll lose. He reveals on 1000-lb Sisters that he hopes she drops 200 pounds after getting the gastric bypass surgery. Also, Jerry says he hopes Tammy Slaton gets the surgery to turn her life around. He hopes with the weight that she’s losing, she’ll be able to regain her mobility too.

In 1000-lb Sisters spoilers for future episodes, Tammy Slaton works out with a personal trainer. Also, her brother Chris coaches her while she’s working out. She says Gage, Amy’s baby, is the reason why she’s taking her health seriously now. But, fans speculate that it’s Jerry Sykes asking her to shed the weight is what finally has her sticking to the plan to slim down.

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