‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Family Member Murder Attempt?

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is making accusations against a member of her family. These accusations say that someone in her family has tried to kill her.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Explains Why She Uses a Walker

On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton talks about the reason why she uses a walker. She says she doesn’t want to use her walking cane, but that she has to use it. Then, she goes on to explain the reason why she uses her walker. She says she uses it because she’s “off-balance.” Also, she goes on to explain that there isn’t anything she can do to stop herself from being off-balanced. So, she’s absolutely got to use the walker.

Also, Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters fights with her sister, Amy Slaton about suing the mobility device. Amy believes Tammy doesn’t actually want to stop using the cane. However, Tammy says she isn’t able to get around without it. Also, she says she isn’t able to step downstairs or do anything else that puts too much of a strain on her legs.

On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton accuses her sister of knowing exactly how to push her buttons. Every time Amy brings up how Tammy needs to stop using her cane, Tammy gets upset. She says she’s going to lose her mind if it keeps getting brought up.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

TLC Star Accuses Family Member of Murder

On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton is sitting in the back of a car while she fights with Amy Slaton. As both sisters are in the car, Michael Halterman is driving. There’s something that happens on the road, that causes Michael Halterman to slam on his breaks. As a result, Tammy flies forward, getting smashed into the back of Amy’s seat.

Then, Tammy from 1000-lb Sisters starts to cry. Not only is she slammed against the seat, but all of the items in the back of the car are on top of Tammy. However, she quickly regains composure as she stops herself from crying. Next, she accuses Michael Halterman of trying to kill her. However, Amy quickly defends Michael and says he wasn’t trying to do that.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Loses Her Cool

On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton talks about how she’s tired of people in her family nagging her. She says the mean things the people in her family say to her make her feel like they don’t love her. Next, she cries as she talks about how she isn’t sure why her family doesn’t love her more. Also, she blames her size for the reason why her family doesn’t support her and loves her more.

As her sister, Amy Slaton, talks about her sister gaining more mobility, Tammy flips out. She starts to scream at her sister, asking her what she thinks she’s been doing. This causes the two sisters to fight, but Amy eventually gives in to her sister.

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