‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Slaton Caught with Yummy Jelly Bean

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is caught with jelly beans, despite the warnings her family and doctor are giving her. Is Jerry Sykes’ candy addiction rubbing off on Tammy Slaton?

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Talks About Fear for Life

On 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton talks about being diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia. She says the most scared she felt was when she was gasping for air, but she couldn’t breathe. She says she literally passed out when she was on the gurney after arriving at the hospital. Next, she talks about being in the emergency room and how her symptoms got worse. But, the doctors ended up putting her on a non-rebreather oxygen mask.

Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters says the team of medical professionals needed to crank up her oxygen up for 15 liters. Also, she says this amount was “really high.” While recovering from COVID-19, she says her lungs were “shot” before she got sick. However, she realizes getting the virus made things a lot worse for her. Next, she says she’s going to be using oxygen for a little while. At least until she’s able to strengthen her lungs to start breathing by herself again.

Also, Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters says if she stops using her oxygen, she starts getting weak, shaky, and dizzy. But, Amy Slaton asks when she’ll be able to see her sister again. Tammy says Amy will be able to visit her again in another week or so.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

TLC Star Called Out by Family

On 1000-lb Sisters, Chris Combs, the half-brother of Tammy Slaton, talks about wanting to help his sister lose weight. He tells her that he would rather have her mad at him for the rest of their lives than having her die. So, he works hard to help inspire and push his sister to lose weight. But, things take a turn for the worse after Chris has his daughter, Emily, visit Tammy. Emily finds Tammy Slaton drinking a 32-ounce milkshake.

1000-lb Sisters star Chris Combs flips out on Tammy and says her boyfriend Jerry Sykes is an enabler. He talks about how Jerry’s always eating candy and is hurting Tammy more than he’s helping her.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Caught with a Jelly Bean

After getting healthier on 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton is finally strong enough to see her family. So, Amy Slaton brings over her newborn son, Gage Halterman, to see Tammy for the first time. She refers to the new baby as her “little jelly bean” as she excitedly holds him. Also, she admits Gage is her entire world and that she loves him a lot.

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