‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Teases New Man about Car Accident

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton talks to her new man online, but the most recent message she shares with him is seemingly threatening. She warns him to be careful, so he doesn’t get into a car accident.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton’s Dating Life

Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters has been keeping a secret from her friends and her loved ones. However, she’s happy to finally come out about the thing that she’s keeping quiet. So, she joins along with Michael Halterman, Amy Halterman, and her boyfriend at the time, Jerry Sykes. On the lunch date, she sits down with her loved ones and reveals she identifies as pan. While Amy and Michael are supportive of her, Jerry Sykes doesn’t understand what she means. He asks her what being pan means, as he thinks it means she enjoys getting into bed with pots and pans.

Next, on 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton says she loves people, it doesn’t matter if they’re a boy or a girl. However, Tammy’s coming-out story came with some heat from her fans. That’s because Tammy previously identifies as bi, but quickly changes her mind. In a period of two hours, she made one post about being bi and another about being pan. This causes her fans to get upset, as they wish she didn’t lie about being bi. However, some people come to her defense and say maybe she didn’t understand the meaning of her first preference.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

TLC Star Being Catfished?

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton comes out about the new people she’s dating after things end with Jerry Sykes. However, it appears that Jerry Sykes and Tammy are still civil towards one another. That’s because they like each other’s posts on social media. However, in the recent past, Tammy talks about dating a model. She claims her model girlfriend’s name is Kane. Also, she puts out the effort to show off pics of her new partner online. But, the model’s name is Hannah Kleit, who denies knowing Tammy Slaton.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Gives Advice to New Man?

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy addresses her new man, Branden Wagner. She refers to him as “dill pickle.” Then, she tells him to stop watching videos while he’s driving home. Next, she says something “bad” could happen to him while he’s driving.

Also, 1000-lb Sisters personality Tammy says Branden may get into an accident while he’s driving. And she says she doesn’t want that to happen to him. This is because she knows he’ll miss her. After giving this advice to her man, she starts to laugh. Then, she stops filming.

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