‘1000-lb Sisters’: Tammy Has Breakdown In Front Of Family

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is on the edge, and her family is not making it any easier. The way she reacts at family dinner shocks her family.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Has a Problem

1000-lb Sisters personality Tammy Slaton has recently been able to admit she has a problem that fans have known for years. Anyone can see Tammy is a super plus-size woman. But her true supporters know that the weight comes from how she and her sibling grew up and her depression. She started a weight loss journey in 2020, not really prepared.

Dropping 400 pounds is not an easy feat, and once you’re in it, it’s tough to do. Especially when you can’t admit you might have an eating addiction. Tammy is now at 665 pounds and plans to stop there. However, she said the same thing at 600 pounds. Her brother Chris Combs is disappointed because it seems like every time she steps on the scale, she gains another twenty pounds.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

Does She Even Want To Lose The Weight?

1000-lb Sisters co-sister Tammy Slaton says she is trying to lose pounds, but it’s hard. Even with the help of her siblings, she can’t seem to get it right. Amy Slaton, her sister, says she tried to help by sending her a healthy meal delivery service. She was upset to find out that Tammy ate all 32 meals in two days. Tammy says all the meals were like snacks. That still evens out to about 16 “snacks” a day.

Chris Combs, her brother, has even stepped up, offering to diet with her and try and keep her on track. Now he has been approved for surgery himself, but he says that doesn’t mean he’s done helping her. He lets her know that him coming by often will not change. She seems unfeeling about the whole situation, but her sister Amy can see through and can tell she is hurt.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Combs - Gage Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Gets Mad

Tammy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters sits down for a family meal and is horrified to see that it’s an intervention. Her family says that they love her and want to see her succeed. They tell her the best option is an assisted living home. Chris Combs says that he knows Tammy loves her boyfriend, Jerry Sykes, but he doesn’t think he has her best interest in mind. Also, Jerry doesn’t feel bad for bringing junk food around Tammy, and that’s why he has to go.

Tammy yells and tells Chris to stop. Chris is surprised to see Tammy yelling and just tells her he wants to help before storming out. Amy goes and gets him to try and finish the conversation. He comes back in and again explains how important his sister is to him and gets emotional. He says that he is always and will always be there for her if she needs anything. Tammy ignores him and plays on her phone.

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