‘1000-lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Amy Slaton Roasted over Very Dirty Feet

1000-lb Sisters spoilers are showing Amy Slaton being roasted by her family over her filthy feet. Also, her brother Chris Slaton is trying out a new device that’ll help him to put on socks since he’s too large to do so by himself.

1000-lb Sisters Spoilers: Amy Slaton Greets Family

The 1000-lb Sisters spoilers show Chris Slaton walking into Tammy Slaton’s house. Amy Slaton asks her brother what he’s holding. He says that that he’s holding a sock assist. He says that this tool helps “fat people” to put their socks on without having any help.

Amy Slaton says that she hates wearing socks. Tammy says “really, Amy?” Then Chris Slaton talks about how he has to put his socks on. He says that sometimes, he has to have the help of his wife to put on his socks. He says that there are sometimes where she’ll put his socks on for him.

Then, Chris says that the reason that this is is that he’s fat. And that his belly has gotten too large. Now, he can’t touch his toes.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

Dirty Feet of TLC Celeb

1000-lb Sisters spoilers show Amy Slaton trying out the new device. Chris says that the sock assist looks like a piece of PVC pipe with rope on it. Amy tries out this device, but she asks that nobody look at her heels.

Tammy says that nobody could miss the feet. Chris makes a comment about her dirty the bottoms of her feet are. The bottoms of Amy’s feet are covered in dirt and she’s only able to get the socks halfway up her feet with the device.

Chris tells his sister that she needs to let her heels soak in bleach. He tells Amy that she needs to wash her feet. On 1000-lb Sisters, Chris breaks out in laughter after making this comment. Then, he says that the bottoms of her toes are “redneck.”

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Flips Out

Next, the 1000-lb Sisters show Amy saying that it’s easy to use the device. But, that it’s easier for her to slip the stockings right on her feet. Then, Chris says that this is because she’s 100 pounds lighter than he is.

Chris sits down to Amy and starts talking about how he got a doctor’s appointment for himself and for Amy Slaton. He asks Amy if it’s going to be weird because she’s not going to the appointments. She says that she’s used to going to the doctor with Tammy.

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton says that she’s nervous. Also, she says that she’s ready to get the appointment over with. This is because it’s a “whole different doctor.”

Chris says that he’s interested in talking to the doctor. This is because he’s interested in getting it done.

Amy Slaton makes a prediction that Tammy’s going to have to lose 60 pounds before getting the surgery. Then, Amy Slaton asks Tammy how her diet is since she’s last seen Dr. Procter. Tammy says that she’s trying hard to grill more. And that she’s only eating one piece of candy.

But, Amy calls her sister out. She says that when Tammy says that she’s only eating a piece of candy. Yet, Amy says that the trash can says otherwise.

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