‘1000-lb Sisters’ Spoilers: Amy Slaton in ER – Her Latest Medical Crisis

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is speaking about the scary reason behind why she went to the emergency room. This recent health scare is putting her back on track after taking a trip to the hospital.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy’s Scary Trip to ER

1000-lb Sisters celeb Amy Slaton calls up her sister, freaking out. On the phone call with her sister Tammy, you can clearly hear Amy screaming in pain. Tammy starts to yell back to her sister, telling her that she isn’t on life support.

But, Tammy doesn’t know what’s going on with her sister. She’s unclear of the reason behind why Amy’s in the hospital. On the phone call, Amy says that she shouldn’t die because she’s too young.

While they’re chatting, 1000-lb Sisters star Tammy tries to get her sister to calm down. Also, she tries to talk to Amy’s husband Michael Halterman to figure out if Amy’s on any meds.

Tammy claims that her child is what’s making her sick. And Tammy thinks that her blood pressure is too high, which is why she’s acting so upset.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

TLC Celeb Admits to Reason Behind Hospitalization

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton walks into Tammy’s house. Amy tells Tammy that she’s back. Tammy asks her sister what happened and what the doctors at the hospital said about her condition.

Amy Slaton looks at her sister and smiles a little. Then, she says that she ate too much “Chinese food.” Tammy questioningly looks at her sister.

Next, she says that she ate more Chinese food for her breakfast. And she said this caused her blood pressure to get really high. Tammy says “wow.” And then she continues to say that she shouldn’t be eating this type of unhealthy food for breakfast. Also, she says that 1000-lb Sisters celeb Amy Slaton shouldn’t have had it last night.

Amy Slaton says that she was able to snack on it last night and didn’t have any problems. Tammy tries to explain that this is because she ate the unhealthy food twice in a row. And she attempts to justify her actions, saying that she was just trying to finish up her leftovers.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Tries to Eat Healthier

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton says that Asian food is her favorite type to eat. But, that she needs to focus on eating healthier. She even comes up with the idea of putting cauliflower in with general chow sauce, so that she’s eating less food that’s unhealthy.

Next, she asks the TLC producers if she can buy general chow sauce. Then, Amy starts to talk about what she isn’t remembering about the trip to the ER. Michael Halterman and Tammy Slaton start to talk about what she did while her blood pressure was too high.

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