‘1000-lb Sisters’ New Season: Tammy Slaton Threatens to Kill Sister?

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton is known for her weight loss efforts on this TLC hit show. However, in the most recent life-update that Tammy is showing to her fans, she’s threatening to kill her sister.

1000-lb Sisters: Struggle for Better Health for Tammy Slaton

During the filming of 1000-lb Sisters, lead Tammy Slaton, and her sister, Amy Slaton worked to quickly lose weight in hopes of bettering their health. Weighing in at a dangerous 605 pounds during season one of 1000-lb Sisters, Tammy hoped to qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

However, she’s faced a lot of conflicts. Each challenge that she faced made it even more difficult for her to accomplish her goal of losing weight. Plus, there’s a lot of tension between her and Amy Slaton.

During the first season of 1000-lb Sisters, personality Tammy Slaton is completely dependent upon her sister and her brother-in-law. Fans watched as they witness Tammy complain about cutting back on her bad eating habits.

Also, Tammy Slaton is very open about the setbacks she’s experiencing while trying to lose weight.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

Health Scare for Tammy Slaton

Recently, Tammy was diagnosed with COVID-19 and pneumonia. She’s talked about how she’s struggling to feel better but is hopeful about her release from her treatment.

Even after her release from the hospital, it doesn’t look like much has changed for Tammy and her weight loss. During the recording of 1000-lb Sisters, celeb lost 50 pounds. On the other hand, her sibling Amy Slaton managed to lose over 100 pounds.

Amy talked about how she’s concerned about her sister’s health. This is because Tammy wasn’t able to leave her home for six years. Also, her chronic health problems aren’t just affecting her physical health. She tried to take her own life in 2019.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Celebrity Threatens Her Sister’s Life

In a recent update, it appears like Tammy Slaton threatened the life of her sister, Amy. While it seems like a joke, some fans aren’t’ so sure. Instead of talking about Amy’s well-being, she instead chose to talk about how she isn’t currently living with her sister.

Also, Tammy goes on to explain that they haven’t lived together in more than a year. However, these two sisters do live right next door to each other. She said that she and her sister do get along. But, she says that they’re sisters.

Then, Tammy said that Amy Slaton is “doing fine”. Next, she says that she “hasn’t killed her yet”. She states this with a smile on her face. Yet, it leaves fans wondering if there’s not some type of conflict between these two sisters that’s going to come to light in season two of 1000-lb Sisters

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