‘1000-lb Sisters’: Michael Halterman’s Gag Worthy Sandwich Combo

1000-lb Sisters star Michael Halterman asks his wife to make him a very unusual sandwich. The toppings he asks for on top of his sandwich make fans gag.

1000-lb Sisters: Michael Halterman Gives All His Support

Michael Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters just recently married Amy Slaton, the star of the TLC hit show. However, he’s been seeing Amy for nearly four years. Amy, Michael’s wife, says that her husband is very supportive of everything she does to care for her sister.

To start their journey off healthily together, Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters buys a lot of exercise equipment. This is so everyone in the family can start working together to try to lose weight. She purchases a thigh master, a shake weight, and what she refers to as a “pogo stick.” As Amy uses the thigh master, Michael starts to work out his upper body strength by pulling on the “pogo stick.”

Plus, Michael Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters plays dancing video games with Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton. This is in hopes of becoming more active and burn more calories to lose weight.

1000-lb Sisteres: Michael Halterman

Newly Wed Asks for Gross Sandwich

For breakfast, 1000-lb Sisters star Michael Halterman sits down with his family to eat. He sits right next to his wife, Amy Slaton, and across from Tammy Slaton, his sister-in-law. Amy Slaton is making breakfast and fixing plates with an assortment of food. As he sits down, Amy asks him if he wants anything to eat.

Then, Michael Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters says he wants a peanut butter sandwich. But, he asks for ranch salad dressing to be put on top of the sandwich. So, Amy gets to work globbing on peanut butter and ranch dressing on top of the sandwich. Next, Michael happily eats his breakfast, washing it down with a soda.

1000-lb Sisteres: Michael Halterman

1000-lb Sisters: Michael Halterman Wants to Lose Weight

Michael Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters isn’t just a newlywed, but he’s also a new father. After the birth of his son, Gage Halterman, Michael admits he needs to lose weight. This happens when Chris Combs makes a large, healthy family dinner for everyone to sit down to and talk. At this family dinner, Chris Combs decides to tell Tammy Slaton, his half-sister, that he’s gotten approved for weight loss surgery.

But, before the big discussion happens on 1000-lb Sisters, Michael Halterman says he needs to get on a diet. That’s because he’s had to buy larger pants for work because his old pants size didn’t fit him. However, Chris Combs says this is because he’s recently had a child and hasn’t been more careful with his eating choices. Also, he tells Amy Slaton he wants to go on runs with her at a park they take their son, Gage, to.

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