‘1000-lb Sisters’: Michael Halterman Tries to Eat Newborn Son

1000-lb Sisters star Michael Halterman has been caught nibbling his son. Fans love the pair as parents but will this be too weird for them to handle.

1000-lb Sisters: Michael Halterman and His Woman

1000-lb Sisters personality Michael Halterman is definitely a man who loves his wife. Amy Slaton. He even agreed to get remarried to her on the show. Michael cried, watching her walk down the aisle and shows fans he is nothing but dedicated to her. He even proves he’s willing to put up with her crazy family in ways that would make most husbands cringe away.

Michael lets her sister Tammy Slaton live with them. And not only is she living there, but she can’t one hundred percent take care of herself. So in the show, you can see him push Tammy everywhere, and that is not an easy task. Fans say they wouldn’t be able to do it she over 600 pounds.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Michael Halterman

Mr. Proud Daddy

1000-lb Sisters fan favorites husband Michael Halterman was more than over the moon when his wife, Amy Slaton, became pregnant with their son. He was a very attentive husband coming with her to birthing classes and taking her to the hospital whenever a false alarm came. This was frequent due to the fact that Amy had a high-risk pregnancy and has also just had gastric bypass surgery four months before.

The crew of 1000 Pound Sisters followed the proud parent around until it was actually time for the baby to come. And in proper daddy fashion, he cleared the path of people and got his women to the hospital. When their son Gage Slaton was born, he couldn’t have been more excited. He and his wife littered social media with pictures and videos of the son they have dreamed of having. Now has this baby daddy become a hungry daddy?

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Michael Halterman

1000-lb Sisters: Michael Halterman? More Like Mike, Hold Up Man!

Michael Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters is being the best dad he can be. He may have a quiet exterior, but the love he has for his family shines through. He makes sure his wife, Amy Slaton, and his son, Gage Slaton, are well taken care of. He’s even tried to get a new home with Amy so their son can have more room to grow. Michael makes sure to play with his son as well.

With nibbles at his neck and belly, he has Gage in a full-on laughing fit. So you could say he is a daddy hungry to show his son some love. We hope with COVID-19 going around that Michael and Amy are the only ones nibbling at him. Fans can not wait to see baby Gage grow up and be a fun addition to the Slaton family.

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