‘1000-lb Sisters’: Jerry is Back in Tammy Slaton’s Life

1000-lb Sisters star Tammy Slaton has signs pointing to the fact that she might just be back together with her ex, Jerry Sykes. This news has kept fans on their toes.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy and Jerry Broke Up?

1000-lb Sisters couple Tammy Slaton and Jerry Sykes have been the talk of the town. Rumors have flown about Tammy and Jerry calling it quits. Tammy has even gone public on social media as single. Some fans have reached out to Jerry to get a better insight into what’s happening with the couple. Some say they have evidence from him saying that he and Tammy were never actually a real thing.

This is not true because of the way he acts on the show. He is seen taking care of Tammy’s bug bite injury and helping go to the store for her. Tammy’s family even worries about what might happen when Jerry heads back home. Some people do believe that this is all for the show to get a check from TLC.

1000-lb Sister: Tammy Slaton

What Is Their History?

1000-lb Sisters personalities Tammy Slaton and Jerry Sykes tells the Slaton sisters he met Tammy on a site for big beautiful women. Tammy says that with her 600 pounds, she’s a supersized big beautiful woman. The two first met in Atlanta when Amy was getting gastric by-pass surgery. Tammy spilled the beans and the pics telling fans that she and Jerry went all the way.

Although fans meet Jerry much later in a season two episode, Jerry finally visits her in Kentucky. Tammy lets Jerry know this is the first time he will be meeting her family. The questioning that Amy puts him through makes him unsettled. He does try to get along with her family, though, because he says he wants to see where they go. Tammy tells her family that she’s been talking to Jerry about a ring.

1000-lb Sister: Tammy Slaton - Jerry Sykes

1000-lb Sisters: Are Jerry and Tammy Back Together?

Tammy Slaton and Jerry Sykes from 1000-lb Sisters have shocked fans. In the newest episode, we see Jerry walk into Tammy’s house very casually. But didn’t Jerry just leave? Also, didn’t they just announce their breakup? Fans are confused and wondering what’s happening. Jerry is now back for a third time to help his girlfriend out while her sister gives birth. Jerry says he’s back for a week.

While the confusing incident makes fans second guess themselves, they just seem happy that Tammy and Jerry have managed to work things out. Jerry also seems excited for Tammy’s nephew Gage to join the world and is seen congratulating the parents on their child. Fans want Tammy to find love and be healthy.

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