‘1000-lb Sisters’: Chris vs Jerry – Showdown Over Tammy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters unsung star Chris Slaton lays it all on the line for his sister’s boyfriend, Jerry Sykes. He lets Jerry know that his sisters are not to be messed with but how will this go over with Tammy Slaton’s man?

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton Joins Family On Weight Loss Journey

1000-lb Sisters’ Chris Slaton is brother to fan-favorites Tammy and Amy Slaton. These loveable sisters started a weight loss journey in 2020. Chris did not come into the picture until the 2021 season premiered. Once Chris’ sister Amy became pregnant, she was unable to help take care of Tammy.

Since Tammy’s weight exceeded 600 pounds, needs help with daily tasks. Also, with her food issues, she needed someone to make sure she is following her diet. That’s when Chris Slaton stepped up to help the co-star of 1000-lb Sisters. Offering to work out with Tammy and eat with her, Chris really shows his devotion.

Whenever Chris Slaton shows up at her house on 1000-lb Sisters, he makes sure he brings something to help her with daily life. He’s got her things like a sock helper and a sitting peddling workout machine. Now, though, Chris Slaton steps up a different way when he confronts her boyfriend, Jerry Sykes, about enabling Tammy.

1000-lb Sisters: Jerry Sykes - Tammy Slaton

Jerry Sykes Comes to Town

The 1000-lb Sisters show on TLC involves many people circulating through their lives. For Tammy Slaton, Jerry Sykes is one of the most important. Tammy met Jerry once before in Atlanta – when her sister Amy was getting surgery. So, her current meet-up with Jerry Sykes in Kentucky makes their time together unique.

With this being the first time Jerry meets the Slaton family. Tammy talks about how this brings their relationship to the next level on 1000-lb Sisters. Tammy and Jerry may not be a perfect couple, though. On the episodes, Jerry didn’t react well to Amy’s long line of questions. So, fans wondered if Jerry Sykes might end the trip early.

But things improved after that on 1000-lb Sisters. After a rocky start, their journey seems to be going well. Jerry Sykes even takes care of a spider bite Tammy has. And Jerry showed concern about leaving her on her own. But her brother isn’t so sure – Chris will soon confront Jerry Sykes about his actions.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Jerry Sykes & Chris Slaton Smackdown

Chris Slaton has been the one to step up and help his sister Tammy lose weight. This includes making sure there is no one there to be an enabler of the 1000-lb Sisters star. Chris sees Jerry eating a big bag of cheese puffs when he meets him for the first time. But, Jerry Sykes realizes this is a big no-no. Then, Jerry sheepishly hides the junk food.

Jerry feels the tension on 1000-lb Sisters and tells them he is going to the store. Then, Chris Slaton walks him out. Chris tells Jerry when they are alone that he needs to be more careful about Tammy’s health. Chris says that this diet thing is life or death for her. The doctor says that if Tammy does not lose weight in the next five years, there’s an 80% chance she’ll die.

Next on 1000-lb Sisters, Chris tells Jerry Sykes to tell her “no” when she asks for food. Chris says Tammy can handle it. After their talk, Jerry Sykes says he understands. Then, it seems like Chris Slaton issues a threat. He tells Jerry if he doesn’t help Tammy, they will have a much different conversation. Wait to see how this goes on the TLC show.

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