‘1000-lb Sisters’: Chris Slaton – How Much Does He Weigh?

1000-lb Sisters’ Chris Slaton, how much does he weigh? Chris is Amy and Tammy Slaton’s brother, and these oversized siblings are keeping things interesting.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton Plus Two

1000-lb Sisters co-stars Tammy and Amy Slaton aren’t the only two that have fans making a stir. Amy Slaton has announced her pregnancy, and she is over the moon. However, this does mean taking care of her larger sister Tammy is going to take the time she does not have. Thankfully, her brother Chris Slaton is more than happy to help.

Chris has been showing off just how much he does love his sisters by stepping up to the plate to diet and exercise with Tammy. But, Chris does live further away than Amy does. So this leaves Tammy having to put more effort in to make sure she is staying on track. Is he taking on helping out his 600-pound sister more than he anticipated?

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton

A Loving Brother and His Own Goals

1000-lb Sisters’ Chris Slaton is not just in it for his sisters. After seeing his sister, Amy, lose over 100-lbs herself with the gastric by-pass surgery, he decided to take the same route. He certainly has the muscle being able to push Tammy around and up ramps. But his size does also prevent him from doing things. He realized he might be getting too big for some things he has to ask his wife to do for him.

In one episode, he is seen bringing a device that helps people put socks on independently without help to his sister, Tammy. While Amy takes the device and tries it, she remarks she’d rather just put socks on the old-fashioned way. A little annoyed, Tammy and Chris let her know that is not an option for them. This being a huge reason Chris wants to get the surgery. With him losing some of his weight, this will release his wife of some of the chores she does for him.

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Chris Slaton – How Much Does He Weigh

TCL is known for its shows on larger than life people. 1000-lb Sisters new twist takes the show to a new level. Now it’s showing off three siblings working together to motivate each other. Chris Slaton comes began his journey at 420lbs. With his first visit to the doctor, he did not believe the scale when it read 397lbs.

The weight-loss expert being impressed with what Chris Slaton was able to do on his own gives him the task of losing just 15 pounds before he can be considered a candidate. With that being the most up to date weigh-in for Chris, fans are wondering if he will have as hard of a time as his sisters losing weight.

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