‘1000-lb Sisters’: Baby Gage Health Concern – Fans Worried

1000-lb Sisters baby Gage Halterman is a baby on the rise, but his health may be on the decline. Someone is smoking in in the Slaton/Halterman household.

1000-lb Sisters: 1000 Pound Smokers

1000-lb Sisters star Gage Halterman is the son of Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman. The couple is some of the people in the main focus on the show. It has recently come to light that almost everyone in the family is a cigarette smoker. This came about when Chris Combs on the show talked about how he has to quit smoking to qualify for his gastric bypass surgery.

Some videos from Amy’s social media show her smoking cigarettes indoors. And she has tried to quit on multiple occasions. She’s tried the vaping method on her channel but ultimately failed. If she does still smoke, she probably has to hide the nasty habit because of TLC. All signs point to the whole family still smoking. This can cause health problems for Gage.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

TLC Stars Have a Cleaning Problem

1000-lb Sisters mom of Gage Halterman, Amy Slaton, is a great mom, according to half of her fan base. The other half thinks that she should work on the cleanliness of her home. With people having mixed feelings about an overflowing trash can, the conversation ignited. And then pictures of baby Gage on a dirty pillow made fans angry. They say once Gage is crawling around, the health hazard is horrendous.

And as for the smoking, Amy has commented on that too. She says that she would never smoke around her baby. She also points out due to different accusations, she would never put her baby in danger. But how much of this is the truth? Maybe Amy wouldn’t, but what about the people she had surrounding Gage? Are they willing to risk secondhand smoke and all the health complications that can go along with a baby due to it?

1000-lb Sister: Gage Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Gage Halterman’s Family Puts Him At Risk

Gage Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters is being smoked around? That is the question. And it looks like the answer is yes. While Amy Slaton says she would never smoke around her baby, it looks like others would. The question is who exactly? In a picture where Gage Halterman is trying new veggies for the first time, there is clearly a very full ashtray in the background filled with cigarette butts.

Of course, this means the person smoking is smoking indoors, and smoking indoors is super dangerous for infants and younger children. Fans are concerned for Gage’s health after seeing this going on.

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