‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy Slaton and Hubby Are Shark Bait

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is on vacation with hubby Michael Halterman, and they have a surprise. Are they swimming with the fishes?

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Floats

1000-lb Sisters personality Amy Slaton and her husband Michael Halterman stepped on the scene in early 2020. Since then, they have shared a large portion of their lives with fans. They’ve become so well known that fans notice them in public. Amy is on a weight loss journey to lose 200 pounds. She started at 400 and has been dropping ever since.

Amy and her sister Tammy Slaton have tried many different workouts to lose weight. They’ve even tried water aerobics. Fans laughed, after all, they could not put their feet down due because they were floating. Amy got a gastric bypass surgery not too far into her journey and then soon after got pregnant. Doctors say this is dangerous, but all her life, she has wanted to be a mother. So she is risking her life and body to have a baby with her man.

1000-lb-Sisters: Amy Slaton - Michael Halterman - Gage Slaton

Now She’s A Mom

1000-lb Sisters co-star Amy Slaton has recently given birth to a baby boy named Gage Slaton. Some fans are freaking out over the state of the home they live in, saying they need to clean. Others are saying to leave them alone because being parents is hard. After three long months of her and her husband, Michael Halterman, being parents, they think they need a break.
A few weeks after birth, they were unable to share the joy of their son with family. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they were encouraged to quarantine. With Amy’s sister Tammy Slaton next door sick with COVID-19 herself, they took it seriously. Amy would still drop off food to Tammy through a window, but other than that, no other exposure took place.
1000-lb-Sisters: Amy Slaton - Michael Halterman

1000-lb Sisters: Amy and Michael On Vacation

Amy Slaton and Michael Halterman from 1000-lb Sisters are celebrating their anniversary in Gatlinburg. They have left baby Gage Slaton in grandmothers care and are hitting the town. They did many things and have even gone to the Ripley’s, believe it or not, museum. That’s where they got a terrifying picture of them with a shark. She shows off many pictures they took with goofy backgrounds with her husband.

Overall, Amy and Michael said that the vacation was everything they needed. With season two of the show ending, it was nice to get away from it all. However, that doesn’t stop them from being on camera. Some fans even post videos when they see them out about. Either way, fans are happy to see them enjoy the world.

Sad about season two of 1000-lb Sisters coming to an end? That’s okay because Soap Dirt will keep you updated.