‘1000-lb Sisters’: Amy Slaton Pregnant With Baby #2?

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is talking about being pregnant with her second baby, shortly after the birth of her son Gage. Also, she’s talking about the goals she has before the baby arrives.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton’s Surprising Pregnancy

1000-lb Sisters personality Amy Slaton learns that she’s expecting after taking a journey to the emergency room. She and her husband Michael Halterman go to visit the hospital after she complains about having difficulty pooping. Then, she says the pain in her stomach’s so bad, she needs the help of a medical professional.

After going to the emergency room, Amy’s doctor tells her that she has to get an x-ray done. This is because the medical professionals want to get a better idea if she’s having any complications from her gastric bypass surgery. However, she’s required to take a pregnancy test before getting an x-ray done on 1000-lb Sisters.

The 1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton is shocked to discover that the pregnancy test comes back positive. It’s even more surprising because she says she’s on a “high dosage” of birth control. However, she is worried, because she wasn’t supposed to get pregnant until at least two years after having her surgery.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

Rough Nine Months for TLC Celeb

Amy Slaton from 1000-lb Sisters says she’s so excited for her son to be here. She talks about how she struggled through the pregnancy, especially the last few months. Amy opens up about the fears she faces as she realizes her son’s severely underweight in her womb. Also, her doc told her that Gage’s losing weight while in her belly. So, she worries about him having to go into the NICU.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton Expecting Second Baby?

On 1000-lb Sisters, Amy Slaton talks about a few things that she hasn’t had the chance to discuss with her husband, Michael. As they’re walking through the park together, she talks to him about how she’s remembering how much she struggled to help Tammy Slaton lose weight.

As Michael Halterman and Amy from 1000-lb Sisters walk in the park together, they sit down at a bench in front of a lake. Also, Amy’s feeding Gage, talking about how she can see him feeding the ducks as they sit there together. However, she admits that she wants to get down to 150 pounds before he’s able to do that. That way, she has an easy time keeping up with her son.

But, Amy from 1000-lb Sisters isn’t doing having children yet. Instead, she says she wants Gage to have a sibling, even though their family dog Little Bit is also a sibling to him. Next, she says she wants to lose even more weight before she and Michael start working on having a second baby together.

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