‘1000-lb Sister’: Amy and Tammy Introduce Pet – Ghost Cat

1000-lb Sisters co-stars Amy and Tammy Slaton have a new family member to introduce. Ghost cat is ready for its debut with the sisters.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy’s Rocky Past With Pets

1000-lb Sisters fan favorite Amy Slaton may no longer be a favorite after it was found she left her dog Little Bit in a hot car. While making a video about going to a birthday celebration, she talks about how she is sad that Little Bit could not come and had to wait in the hot car. This struck some fans as being careless and left them appalled by her actions. Tammy said at least she was going to give the dog water but deleted the video.

Amy Slaton doesn’t end her bad experience with poor pooches there. Amy told fans she adopted a previously abused dog from a shelter. Unfortunately the dog attacked her and left a big gash on her arm. Due to the fact that the shelter did not think the dog was safe, they ended up having to put the dog down.

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton - Tammy Slaton

Little Bits Big Personality

1000-lb Sisters fur baby Little Bit belongs to Amy Slaton and her husband Michael Halterman. These two live next to Tammy Slaton so you know Little Bit gets tons of time with her aunt. This dog is small but plays her part in the family well. She loves being dressed up in costumes and going all over town with the Slatons. Even dressing up as a ring barer in a cute dress to deliver rings at Amy and Michaels wedding.

Through out the show you can watch Little Bit do her thing following around her owners loving life. Fans love to see her come to family events too. Spot Little getting pieces of fried chicken off Amy’s plate where ever they go. Tammy and Amy may be big but their little dog suits them.

1000-lb-Sisters: Amy Slaton - Tammy Slaton - Michael Halterman - Little Bit

1000-lb Sisters: Amy and Tammy’s Pet Cat

1000-lb Sisters co-sisters Amy and Tammy have announced they have pet they haven’t talked about. And this is news that gets fans excited. Amy and Tammy have had a pet cat that lives in both sides of their duplex. But this cat is different from other pets. That’s because this cat is dead. This cat is ghost.

Amy and Tammy tell a psychic they love it. Tammy hears it in the kitchen dropping down from off the counter. Amy says she feels its in her bathroom. The girls download paranormal hunting gear on their phones and start looking. Amy thought she got it under her table. The psychic they went to told them to sage their house. However, the girls made it clear that ghost cat is free to stay.

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